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Most exit polls failed to gauge TMC’s win margin, no thorn collision

Exit polls were talking about a close fight between BJP and TMC, but this did not happen.

New Delhi: The Trinamool Congress registered a decisive victory in West Bengal but most exit polls failed to predict the victory as they were anticipating a close fight between the BJP and Mamata Banerjee’s party till yesterday. Also Read – Mirzapur’s ‘Bina Tripathi’ was longing for true love, Poorab Kohli cheating on Out Of Love

Exit polls also failed to predict this massive victory of the Trinamool Congress. However, most exit polls predicted the victory of the DMK-led coalition in Tamil Nadu, the BJP in Assam, the return of the UDF in Kerala and the formation of the NDA government in Puducherry. Also Read – Liquor Price Hike In UP: Liquor Expensive In UP; Government imposed covid cess; Know how much the price has increased

Today in West Bengal, stay very close to the exit poll results done by Chanakya. He had predicted 180 seats for the Trinamool, while talking of a growth-deficit trend of 11 seats. On the other hand, Chanakya gave the BJP 108 seats with a margin of 11 seats less. Also Read – WhatsApp Users Note: Not done till May 15, this account will be closed, your account will be closed

The India Today-Axis My India exit poll predicted a thunderous contest and predicted 134 to 160 seats for the BJP and 130-156 for the Trinamool. The Republic-CNX poll showed the BJP a slight lead and projected 138-148 seats while Trinamool predicted 128 to 138 seats.

However, Times Now predicted Trinamool to have a clear majority with 158 seats, while BJP predicted 115 seats.

In contrast, the ‘Jan Ki Baat’ exit poll had predicted BJP to form a majority government in Bengal with 162 to 185 seats, while the Trinamool account had only 104 to 121 seats.

Significantly, in the West Bengal elections held in the year 2016, the Trinamool won 211 seats while the BJP won three seats.

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