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actors Everything everywhere at once Accepts the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture.
Photograph: Kevin Winter (Good pictures)

One of the best texts Award Season so far, Hollywood veteran James Hong To take the stage in a room full of his peers and finally talk his shit.

Everything everywhere at once was star garland at 2023 SAG Awardswith Michael YowKe Huy Quan and Jamie Lee Curtis, who both took home statues for their respective roles in the sci-fi comedy, will take home SAG’s top prize for Cast in a Motion Picture.

Before handing the mic to Hank, Yeow introduced him. “There’s someone who’s been supporting ensembles longer than any of us have been alive,” he reflected. “He’s been performing from 49 states and he’s 94 years old. And it’s taken 69 years to get him to this point.”

Everywhere At Once: Award Acceptance Speech | 29th Annual SAG Awards

Hong began his speech in Cantonese before switching to English because “we might be broadcasting in Hong Kong.” with his companion dominateDNext to him on stage, Hong reflects on a time when Hollywood thought Asian actors couldn’t play Asian characters. and, Flexibility All over the audience, he recalled His first film credit was in Clark Cable. Oh, and he got his first SAG card 70 years ago, at a time when being Asian in Hollywood seemed totally different.

“In those days, I have to tell you this, the main characters were played by these guys who were blindfolded,” Hong says during his speech. “And the producer said there weren’t enough Asians and they weren’t box office. But, look at us now, right?

Since his debut in 1955 Soldier of fortuneHong has accumulated more acting credits than almost anyone else in Hollywood history 600 titles to his name. He has become Known for his work On that day Seinfeld, Chinatown, Blade Runner, Mulna, Kung Fu PandaAnd many more, with latest roles turns red And Wendell & Wilde. However, his role as Kong Kong EEAAO The first to bring him to a major award stage in the States. He certainly captured his long-awaited moment, giving an emotionally eloquent speech Matched with wry humor and plenty of crowd work.

He took a few minutes to talk about Daniels’ wild script EEAAOAnd Daniel Scheinert is literally in white, pulling a line from Yeov’s own awards season script before concluding his speech: “shutup your mouth. I can beat you.”

At 94, Hong has been on more film and TV sets than almost anyone else, and it’s a shame we’ve only heard about a fraction of his legendary experience. However, as Hong said in his speech, Let’s believe See him again at SAG on 100, and EEAAO It will lead to more opportunities to share his life story.

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