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UP Gram Panchayat Chunav 2021: Pradhan was elected a fair after 25 years in Vikas Dubey’s village Bikaru, know who won?

up gram panchayat chunav 2021 Winner results: Bikeru Gram Panchayat with 14 hundred voters was reserved seat this time. On which 10 candidates landed.

up gram panchayat chunav 2021 Winner results: Some 25 years later, an unbiased pradhan (up gram panchayat chunav 2021 Winner) has been made in the popular Bikaru Gram Panchayat in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Here Madhu secured 381 votes and occupied the post of Prime Minister (up gram panchayat chunav). He defeated nearest rival Bind Kumar by 54 votes. Prior to this, due to the panic and influence of Vikas Dubey, there was never a fair vote since 1995. It may be known that Vikas Dubey’s village Bikaru came into the limelight last year when eight policemen were killed by Durdant Vikas Dubey. After which Vikas Dubey Encounter and his 5 companions were killed in a police encounter. Also Read – UP Panchayat Chunav Counting Update: UP Panchayat Election Results to be Released Tomorrow, Supreme Court Permits Counting

Democracy was restored once again after nearly two and a half decades in Bikaru Gram Panchayat (up gram panchayat chunav 2021 Winner results) after the end of Vikas Dubey, which was synonymous with terror for a long time. Elections were held after 25 years without any pressure. After counting in the vote, Madhu has created history by registering victory. Here there was a close fight between Madhu and rival Bindu Kumar. Madhu has won after a tough match. The public also openly supported their candidates. The main contest was between Madhu and Bind Kumar. The newly elected village head Madhu says that so far whatever has happened in the village, she will do the development work in the village with full devotion and fairness. Also Read – UP Gram Panchayat Chunav Counting News: When the counting of the Gram Panchayat elections will be held, tomorrow the final will be held in the Supreme Court

Significantly, this time the Bikeru Gram Panchayat with 14 hundred voters was a reserved seat. On which 10 candidates landed. Let it be known that whom Vikas wanted, he won uncontested elections. In Bikeru Gram Panchayat, no one had the courage to contest elections while Vikas Dubey. After becoming the head of development in 1995, the legacy of gram panchayat development had ceased to be. Also Read – UP Gram Panchayat Chunav Counting Update: Will the counting of Panchayat elections not take place on May 2? Know what is the latest update …

He made what he wanted, prime. During 25 years, no one should have been the head, but the rights should remain with Dubey all the development. Along with Vikas Dubey’s encounter, his panic also came to an end and this time 10 people claimed for Pradhani.

On the other hand, in the Bhithi Gram Panchayat, right next to the village of Bikeru, there has always been an interference of development. Here too, this time Rita Devi defeated her rival Meera Devi by 157 votes in a fair election. It will be his priority to develop Rita village.

It should be noted that Vikas Dubey became the head of the city 25 years ago. After which a fair election could not be held there. Whom Vikas Dubey wanted, he won the election. Not only Vikas Bikaru used to make the election of the head uncontested in the surrounding area. Last time, her daughter-in-law Anjali Dubey was village head from Bikeru. While his wife Richa Dubey was a member of Kshetra Zilla Panchayat from Ghimau.

The villagers are very happy with the fair elections this time. The Alam of Bikaru and surrounding villages was that many youths had seen the Panchayat election campaign here for the first time. Not only this, the candidates went door-to-door seeking votes. Madhu, who won over Pradhan, says that she will work for the development of Bikeru.

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