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The big decision of the Delhi government is not to remove ad hoc teachers; A permanent principal will be appointed

Long-term principals have not been appointed in government colleges in Delhi.

Ad Hoc Teachers News: No ad hoc teachers working in government colleges in Delhi will be removed. The government has been asked to allow all these ad hoc teachers. This demand has been made by the Delhi Teachers Association. According to Aam Aadmi Party Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Gupta from Delhi, new appointments are being made in government colleges in Delhi, but ad hoc teachers will not be removed from any of the colleges. Read more – Supreme Court approves Modi government’s central Vista project, also decides conditions and suggestions

Sushil Gupta said it was learned that long-term principals were not appointed in government colleges in Delhi. The government will make efforts to appoint permanent principals in colleges where advertisements for principal posts have been published. Only teachers and non-academic posts can be appointed soon if the principals are permanent. Read more – Meteorological Department’s latest warning, thunderstorms and rain forecast in many places including Delhi, Haryana, Western UP

Aam Aadmi Party Rajya Sabha MP Sushil Kumar Gupta said this at a meeting with members of the Delhi Teachers Association (DTA). More than 50 teachers were present with the panel at the event. Read more – Standing on the border of Delhi has increased the difficulty of rain for farmers, water in tents; Fuel wood and blankets got wet

Sushil Gupta, quoting a letter dated 5 December 2019 from the Ministry of Education, told the teachers that they would write a letter to put pressure on the Central Government and Delhi University to implement the letter. He said there was an atmosphere of panic and fear among the teachers as the letter had not been implemented for the last one year.

He said in a letter to the government in the forthcoming parliamentary session on December 2, he would ask the government why it would not implement the process of permanent appointment of ad hoc teachers. Also, what efforts has the government made to make these teachers permanent.

Professor Hansraj Sumon, in-charge of the Delhi Teachers’ Association, said that for the first time, the DTA had fielded Narendra Kumar Pandey as the CB’s EC candidate. Dr. Pandey was an Associate Professor in the Department of History at Ramlal Anand College and an elected member of the DUTA Executive. Dr. Asha Rani of the Candidate Council is an Associate Professor in the Hindi Department of PGDAV College in the evening. Sunil Kumar is an assistant professor in the commerce department of Bhagat Singh College in the evening.

They said they would take their program among teachers, so that they would address key issues. With the letter dated 5 December 2019 in mind, no ad hoc teachers should be removed until permanent appointment. The process of permanent recruitment in the colleges coming under the Delhi government will be started as soon as possible. In addition, UGC will be pressured to meet the 2010 PhD requirements for associate professors.

(Input IANS)


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