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WhatsApp brings Joinable Group Calls feature, now group calling will be fun, learn how?

With the help of WhatsApp’s Joinable Group Calls feature, you will be able to connect in the middle of a group calling.

Recently, there was news about the instant messaging app WhatsApp that the company is working on a very interesting feature Joinable Group Calls for the convenience of the users. At the same time, now the company has officially launched this feature. This is the most fun and special feature of the company so far. It is clear from the name of Joinable Group Calls feature that it has been introduced for group calling. With the help of this feature, users can join midway after the start of a group voice or video call. For this, a new call information button will be available in WhatsApp.Also Read – Oppo Reno 6 Pro 5G will be available for sale for the first time today, know price and specifications

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, the owner of WhatsApp, has informed through a Facebook post that the Joinable Group Calls feature has been launched for WhatsApp. If you have missed any group call, then you will be able to join it in the middle as well. Apart from this, the launch of the new feature has also been announced on WhatsApp’s Twitter account. While sharing a 30-second video, the company has given information about how the Joinable Group Calls feature works. Also Read – If the screen of your phone has also become dirty, then clean it with the help of these tips

You will be able to join group calls in the middle

The company has informed that with the help of Joinable Group Calls feature, you can join any group call in the middle. Often due to busy work, important voice or video calls are missed. In this case, you can use the Joinable Group Calls feature. For this, you will get an option in the group call, by clicking on which you will be added to the ongoing group call. Whereas after missing the first group call, you had to message personally that you should be added to the call. Also Read – How To Share Files With Google ‘Nearby Share’ Feature? / AirDrop Alternative For Android

Available for Android phone

The company has clarified that the Joinable Group Calls feature is currently made available only for Android phone users. But soon it will also be offered for iOS. However, iOS users may have to wait a bit for this. In the Joinable Group Calls feature, you will be given two options to drop the call and rejoin the call. Which you can select according to you.


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