TickTalk ready to sell before it is banned in the US, talk to Microsoft

A media report on Friday (July 31) said technology giant Microsoft was negotiating for an advance office to acquire the TickTock campaign in the United States, when President Donald Trump said his administration would consider banning the Chinese-owned video app.

“We’re considering ticking,” Trump told reporters at the White House. Maybe we should ban ticking. “India has banned 10 Chinese apps, including TickTalk, and both the US administration and lawmakers have welcomed the move. In response to a question, Trump said,” We can do more. There are different options. We have to see what we can do. But we are looking at a lot of options related to TickTalk. “

Tickling may be banned in America, Donald Trump’s signature

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The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday (July 31st) that Microsoft, an Indian-American Satya Nadela-led company, has already begun talks to acquire TickTock’s U.S. business. The deal could be worth billions of dollars. “According to people with knowledge of the case, an agreement could be reached by Monday and representatives from Microsoft, BitDance and the White House could be involved in the talks. Negotiations are possible and may not be an agreement,” the newspaper said.

ByteDance in China is the parent company of Tittak. In recent weeks, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also accused Titus of gathering personal information about Americans. He told members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday (July 30th) that “India has banned 100 Chinese apps, including TickTalk, which posed a threat to the privacy and security of its citizens.” Media reports further state that the Trump administration may soon deprive ByteDance of its ownership of Tikitak’s U.S. activities.

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