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PUBG Mobile India Launch Update: When will PBBG launch in India? The company has hired many officers, find out what the latest update is

PUBG Mobile India Launch Update: PUBG Corporation has suggested launching PUBG Mobile India download link.

PUBG Mobile India Launch News: The wait for PUBG fans continues to grow. Although the central government has made it clear that PUBG Mobile India will not be launched in the country any time soon, media reports on Tuesday said that PUBG Corporation has suggested launching PUBG Mobile India download link. Read more – FAU-G launches on January 26, 2021: Download from Play Store, over 1 million people registered

Some reports also say that PUBG Corporation plans to contact the Government of India in March to launch PUBG Mobile India. However, no confirmed report has been received from any official so far. Read more – FAUG Mobile Launch Date 2 January January: Akshay Kumar releases inactive FAUG music, the game will be released on this day; Pre-register now

The latest data shows that PUBG Mobile has added more members to its team in India and the company is making no effort to return to India. Some reports further said that the release of PUBG Mobile India could be made in the country within a few weeks. Read more – PUBG Mobile News Update Today 31 December 2020: PUBG Mobile has held this hearing in India, now the game will be launched soon!

Earlier, PUBG Mobile Director James Young released a comprehensive roadmap about PUBG Mobile in 2021 in a video message. The prospect of PUBG’s return to India is not over yet as PUBG Mobile India has registered with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs with a paid-up investment of Rs five lakh.

Download link available?

A download link of PUBG Mobile India is available which will take you to the Korean version. At the same time, many users use VPN to play PUBG. The Government of India is still enforcing the ban on PUBG, so it is illegal to use such sources.

Will PUBG be launched in India in March?

PUBG Corporation has not yet confirmed the release date of PUBG Mobile India, but it is expected in a few weeks. Probably in early February. At the same time, if some reports are to be believed, PUBG India may launch a new version in India in March.


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