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Keep these things in mind when buying a second-hand smartphone, there will be no loss

Buying a second-hand smartphone is not a loss deal, but for this you need to keep some special things in mind. So that there is no loss.

Often due to the low budget, many times you think about buying a second hand smartphone. But some people feel that buying a second-hand smartphone is a loss deal, whereas it is not. Because many users buy a new smartphone using smartphone some day and sell their phone at a lower price. This does not mean that the phone is defective or there is a shortage. Rather some people are fond of using new phones. But when buying a second hand phone, you do not need to trust anyone completely. Rather, you buy that phone only after your satisfaction. For this, you have to keep some things in mind, which are very important when buying a second hand phone. Also Read – Good News: PUBG Mobile is preparing to return to India, know full details here

Run the phone for 15 minutes

While buying any second hand phone, you should not only pay attention to its design, but it is important that you try using that phone for at least 15 minutes. This will let you know how smooth the phone is and if it is hanging anywhere. Apart from this, on using the phone, you will get the right information about its battery capacity and performance. Also Read – OPPO A53 2020 Price Cut: OPPO A53 2020 Smartphone becomes cheaper by Rs 2,500, know new price

Do not forget to check the ports on the phone

When buying a second hand phone, check all its ports properly. Because many times people sell the port even if it is damaged. In this case, do not forget to check all its ports. From the charging points of the phone, check its 3.5mm headphones properly. Also Read – Xiaomi is bringing low budget smartphone Redmi Note 10S, will be launched in India on May 13

Do not pay online

While buying second hand phones, keep in mind that the payment is in cash only. If you do not pay online, it will be better and do not pay until the phone comes in your hand. If you have to pay online, then meet that person and take the phone first and transfer the payment along with it.

Must match the IMEI number with the bill

When buying second hand phones, people are often happy to see its condition and features. But it is very important to match the phone’s IMEI number to its bill. To check the IMEI number, dial * # 06 # from the phone, then the number will appear on the screen.


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