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iPhone users note, this bug will automatically turn off the phone’s WiFi, keep some things in mind to protect

There has been a bug in the iPhone, due to which the phone automatically turns off in the phone. To avoid this, you have to keep some things in mind.

If you also use iPhone, then it can be great news for you that a bug has been discovered in the iPhone. Carl Schou, a cyber security researcher, has recently discovered this bug. According to the report, if WiFi is enabled in your iPhone, then this bug automatically disables it. Because of which users have to connect WiFi again and again. Let us know what is this bug and how to prevent it. Also Read – This Realme smartphone is getting a huge discount of Rs 17,000, the offer is available for a limited time

Cyber ​​security researcher Carl Schou has told through a tweet that if a network is showing ‘%secretclub% power’ in the iPhone, then you will not be able to use WiFi or any other related feature in the device. Because this is a bug and if you join this network then WiFi will not be able to connect. Even after rebooting the device the wifi did not connect. Simply put, you will see this bug in the percentage symbol. That is, percentage programming language has been used for this, which converts the variables into output strings. Also Read – Samsung Galaxy F22 India Launch Today: Know Possible Price and Specifications

The report revealed that due to this bug, ‘%n’ in C means saving the given word in string format. In all systems, the WiFi network sends the SSID to the internal library which works in string format. Which is the main cause of buffer overflow. Please note that this bug can damage the memory of your device and due to this the iOS watchdog will not be processed. At present, the company is working to fix this bug. But if you are also facing the problem of WiFi disabled then you can reset the settings of your phone. Also, change the settings of the router so that your password is secure. Also Read – Amazon made a mistake, 96,700 AC sold for only Rs 5,900, know what is the whole matter?


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