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Great gift from Reliance Jio in the new year, now it’s free for any local number

Reliance Geo News: In the new year, Reliance Geo (Geo) has given a big gift to its customers. From January 1, Geo customers will now be able to talk for free on any local number.

Reliance Geo News: Reliance Jio (GEO) has given customers a great gift in the new year. From January 1, Geo customers will now be able to talk for free on any local number. It is learned that earlier the company used to give 1000 minutes to call the second customer’s mobile, while live calling was free from Geo. The company has taken this step on the direction of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRI). Customers will start availing this facility from January 1, 2021. Read more – Reliance Retail: Reliance says in court against tower demolition – We have no plans to go into contract farming

The bill and keep system will be implemented in the country from January 1, 2021, which will remove IUC charges for all domestic voice calls, according to a statement from the telecom regulator. The company added, “As soon as the IUC charge is over, Geo will release all off-net domestic voice calls again, fulfilling its promise to return home voice call charges to zero outside the Internet.” Read more – Geo Prepaid Recharge Online Plan: Users will get one more gift in the new year, get double benefit in data voucher

It will start on January 1, 2021. On-Net Domestic voice calls were always free on the Jio network. Simply put, off-net calls are calls that are made on other networks. Read more: Mukesh Ambani fined crores of rupees, allegations of business fraud, find out the case

For more than a year, Reliance Jio has been charging customers six paise per minute for making voice calls to other phone networks, but at the same time providing customers with data at the same cost for free.


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