Google Maps will now show the Corona situation in your area

The world has changed completely in the era of coronavirus. Not to be outdone in the case of Corona, at the moment Google has introduced a new feature that will be very beneficial for people in the Corona era. Google Maps has introduced a new feature called ‘Corner Level’. According to Google, this feature will show users important information such as the number of corona cases in a region, which will help users decide whether they want to go to that region. This week, Google will bring this feature to Android and iOS users in its new update.
How will the corona layer feature work?

Google said in a blog post that users can view data on Google Maps and click “Covid-19 Info” after tapping the corner level button at the top right of the screen. The map you then looked at will show a new average for every 100,000 people for seven days and a label indicating whether the cases are decreasing. Google will add a coding feature tomorrow that will help users identify new cases.

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Google will collect data from a variety of sources, including the Johns Hopkins, New York Times and Wikipedia, in a specific area in the case of Covid-19. These sources include data from public health agencies such as the World Health Organization, government health ministries, and state and local health agencies and hospitals. According to Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg News, covid-9 cases in the United States rose 0.6% on Tuesday from 6.99 million. The average daily profit has increased in the last week. The death toll rose 0.5% to 201,319.

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