Facebook Data Leaked: Big Touch to Facebook Security, Phone Numbers of More Than 53 Million Users – Data Leaked, Zuckerberg Unmarked

Facebook Data Leaked: Big Touch to Facebook Security, Phone Numbers of More Than 53 Million Users – Data Leaked, Zuckerberg Unmarked

Facebook data leak: There have been reports of large dents in the security of Facebook. Hackers have leaked phone numbers of more than 53 million Facebook users around the world, without even leaving the Zuckerberg mark.

Facebook data leaked: Facebook has a big tooth in security again. Data leaks from Facebook are in the headlines again. The biggest thing is that the hackers have now revealed the phone number and personal data of Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg. According to the data, the data of more than 53 crore people in 100 countries of the world using Facebook has been leaked online. On Saturday, hackers released the phone numbers and personal data of more than 500 million people. Read more – Zhang Shanshan: Asia’s richest man becomes Chinese businessman, defeats Munkesh Ambani, find out how much Zong owns

Includes data from 6 million Indian users READ ALSO – In Controversies Facebook, Companies Access User Data Through Secret Agreements

According to the information received, the leaked information also includes data of one million Indians. Please note that there are no data protection laws in the country. An information protection bill related to this is still stuck in the Lok Sabha. In such a situation, the security of Facebook users has been questioned again after the disclosure of their personal information and phone numbers. Read more – FB CEO Zuckerberg apologizes, says Indians will be completely honest in elections

In this case of Facebook, hackers have made public the data of users in 106 countries. It is feared that the data of millions of Indian users has also been hacked. The hackers also stole Facebook IDs, names, addresses, birthdays and e-mail addresses.

Facebook clarified, before the data 2019

However, Facebook has made it clear that all leaked information is before 2019. It is also said that everything was fixed after the data was leaked. But according to experts, even hackers can harm users with old data.

There has been a dispute over the security of Facebook before

Notably, there was controversy even before the Facebook information was leaked. Cambridge Analytica, a British company, was accused of stealing Facebook data of 5.62 lakh Indians. Cambridge Analytica is acting as a political consultant. The CBI has also filed a case against Cambridge Analytica in this regard.


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