Audio-video call buttons will soon be available on the WhatsApp web, matching phones to computers and laptops.

WhatsApp is proving to be very helpful from the web ‘Home to Home’. But a lot of times just sending messages doesn’t work. You also need to call the boss or co-workers. Users don’t have to pick up the phone frequently to get calls, so WhatsApp is preparing to include audio and video call features in its web version.

Images published on the WhatsApp web show audio and video call buttons next to the ‘Search’ icon. The user will be able to use them to shake and pick up the phone. Apart from this, WhatsApp is also changing the design of its attachment icon. He is trying to make the camera and gallery icons look more attractive by mixing red and purple. Not only that, the ‘Search’ and ‘New Chat’ options will no longer be seen as black and white. The company has created minds to transform them into colorful looks.

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The animated sticker pack will be seen on WhatsApp soon

According to WabetaINfo, the latest beta version of WhatsApp has a new sticker pack in version 2.20.200..2. This pack will be added to the default sticker list provided in the app. The new sticker pack is called Usagiuun and is made by a company called Quan Inc. is basically an animated sticker pack. The animated sticker pack feature has been seen in the beta app before. The stickers will have some white cartoons that will express feelings like joy, anxiety, sadness, love, a better and more creative way to express your feelings.

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