Accidentally sent messages on WhatsApp can be deleted even after a few months, follow these simple steps

Instant messaging app WhatsApp is used a lot in our lives nowadays. It has many features that are of great benefit to users. But one of the most used features in all these cases is the WhatsApp Delete Message. In this feature, when we accidentally send a photo or video to someone, then the user does not show it within an hour or so of sending. You can delete this message for everyone but only for a limited time. But today we will tell you a strategy through which you will be able to delete your old messages as well. Messages that you regret sending. 

Delete old messages using these simple steps.

– To do this you must first turn off the internet on your phone.
After that, go to settings and click on the app
– After going to the app, tap on WhatsApp.
– Now click on the force stop option shown below.
– Now go to WhatsApp and remember the time and date of the message you want to delete.
– Next, go to Settings again and click on the Date and Time option. Disable the time zone, time zone or automatic date and time usage option provided by the network used here.
Next, you need to set the date the message was sent. Suppose you want to delete the message of 27 July 2019, then enter the date.
Similarly, schedule 10-15 minutes before the message is sent.
After that, open your WhatsApp, you will now see that message in place of July 27th.
– Long press to delete the message. After which you will see two options ‘Delete for me’ and ‘Delete everyone’
– You can then delete your message and reset the Dobora date and time to the current time.

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