You too will be shocked to see the report of compulsory retirement scheme in the state, read on

A teacher may be exempted from the Department of Education this year under the Compulsory Retirement Scheme (CRS). Of the more than 60,000 staff-teachers, one in Tehri was found unfit for government service. Teachers have been advised to be removed under CRA for negligence of discipline and obligation. A screening committee headed by Additional Director-Garhwal will take the final decision in this regard. This is the first case in the last three years in the education department where the staff-teacher service under CRS has been deemed terminated.

Additional Secondary Education Director-Secondary Mahabir Singh Bisht was contacted and they confirmed the matter. It is learned that the decision to give CRS to ineligible workers aged fifty years and above is applicable in the state. It started three years ago. Every year since then, the Department of Education has been declaring all the staff and teachers as fully fit and qualified. This year, due to the strict attitude of the government, the workers in all the districts have been seriously investigated. Workers in the rest of the districts have been seen to be employed. All the teachers and staff were also fit in the Kumaon department. Additional Director-Kumaon Dr Mukul Kumar Sati confirmed this.

This process:

Disciplined, malicious behavior is a key value of CRS. Also, the inability to discharge liabilities due to serious illness, complex disability is also considered eligible for CRS. The decision is made on the basis of ten years of service record of the concerned staff. As per the rules, compulsory retirement has to be ordered by November 15 after completing the screening process by November. There has been some delay in the process this year due to Corona.

CRS case was found from Tehri district. The Mandal level screening committee will take the final decision and take action in this regard. A board meeting is being called.
Mahabir Singh Distinguished, Additional Director of Secondary Education-Garhwal

Education department screening questions

Questions are also being raised about identifying just one of the state’s more than 1,000 staff-teachers. In fact, hundreds of teachers apply for transfers every year in the name of serious illness. Nainital, Haridwar and Nainital have more teachers than the sanctioned posts. Officers also position it. Many times even high-ranking officials did not obey the transfer order in the name of illness. Some officials have even gone to jail on corruption charges. Teachers say the number would have been much higher if the screening had been done transparently.


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