Why the increase in ad hoc and directly hired teachers?  Read on

Why the increase in ad hoc and directly hired teachers? Read on


Due to the decision to suspend the seniority order, the Department of Education resumed ad hoc controlled and direct recruitment-wheel teachers. Ad hoc teachers have strongly opposed the suspension of the order to give the senior from the earlier date, while the directly appointed teachers have demanded the government to repeal the order permanently.

The Department of Education has suspended the order to give seniority to ad hoc controlled teachers from October 1, 1999. In September last year, the Department of Education directed that the senior be given. Your own magazine ‘Hindustan’ published this issue prominently in its Saturday issue. All secondary level teachers are being affected by this decision.


Contempt of High Court Order: Ad Hoc Teacher

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Dehradun. BD Bijalwan, an ad hoc regulated teacher, said that the ad hoc teachers of 1999 should be given the seniority from the date of appointment as per the 1995 order, the High Court had given a clear order, last year the government itself decided to give the seniority from the date of appointment. He said it was wrong to suspend the order after a year. Rajendra Kulashree said that a contempt case is pending in the High Court.

Seniority should only be filled by the original appointment

OP Kotnala, chairman of the State Teachers Union Dispute Committee on Direct Recruitment-City Cadre Teachers, said ad hoc services cannot be added to seniority. He said the state government could give all the financial benefits to the regular ad hoc. Premlata Baudai, Principal, GGIC Rajpur Road, said that seniority is determined from the date of appointment. Then how can seniority be given from a later date?

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