Uttarakhand ready for corona vaccination, vaccine will also come from drones, find out what will be special

Uttarakhand has cemented corona vaccination preparations. Micro plans are being prepared for vaccination in all districts. The names of the health workers and the names of the employees posted in the booths are being finalized in one hundred vaccines in each booth. In the first phase, 94,000 health workers will be vaccinated against coronavirus. For this, 317 cold chain points have been constructed in the state. Vaccination booths should be set up in schools in every district. All DMKs have been asked to mark booths and submit reports.

Problems will come in 279 regions

There are 2,279 regions in the state where providing vaccines to the population is a big challenge. Reports have been sought from the DM from these remote areas identified on the basis of the old vaccination campaign. In the second phase of the corona vaccine, people over the age of sixty and sick are vaccinated. These people will live in every part of the state.

In such cases these people will be identified and collected in a place where they can be vaccinated while maintaining a cold chain. Here 279 areas have been selected where it may be difficult for people to be vaccinated or distributed. Apart from this, separate vaccinations have also been planned for workers and slum dwellers.

Drones help deliver vaccines

The Department of Civil Aviation has offered to enlist the help of drones to deliver vaccines to remote areas. The final decision will have to be made by the health department. Vaccination is to be used as a booth for schools.

Vaccination mock drills in the state

The corona vaccine will be mock drilled in the state from Saturday 2 January. Preparation will be tested in it. The Center has directed all states to review immunization preparations as well as conduct drills. The exercise has already taken place two days ago in several districts of the four states. The epidemic took place on January 2 in several states. Mock drill will be held in the state government on January 2. Dr. Saroj Naithani, in-charge, said that besides maintaining the cold chain, there will be exercises to reach the booth, give SMS, give vaccinations and keep in the booth for thirty minutes.

24 lakh people need to be vaccinated

The Center has promised to vaccinate 20 per cent of the state’s population in the first phase. In such a situation, about 24 lakh people will be vaccinated in the next few months. Vaccinations will first be given to health workers, then to the elderly and later to sick people.

Important points:The health center has 2319 government and 2366 non-government organizations


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