Uttarakhand: Dogs could be endangered by tigers, vaccinated for conservation

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It is common for a dog to be threatened by a tiger, but you may be shocked to learn that a dog can be deadly to a tiger. Yes you can understand right in the country, tigers are threatened by dogs. Recognizing this threat, the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has issued the Standard Operating System (SOP) for the conservation of all tigers in the country. It has given many instructions including disinfection and vaccination of endangered dogs living in villages near Tiger Reserve.

The NTCA, set up for tiger conservation and promotion in the country, has threatened tigers from dogs living in the vicinity of tiger conservation. In addition, SOPs have been issued for the conservation of all 50 tigers in the country. There are three main reasons behind the issuance of SOP. In which the risk of disease from dogs to tigers and wildlife has spread, the risk of wildlife poaching has been created. Not only that, their own breed of dog is also threatened with breeding from wild animals.

Responsibilities given to wildlife guardians

The NTCA has tasked the major wildlife guardians of all the states to implement this SOP. The NTCA has sought the help of NGOs, panchayats and forest officials, as well as organizations working in the field of conservation, to implement the SOP.

There is danger from this virus

The canine distemper virus (CDV), a virus spread by dogs, has become a threat to tigers. Earlier, the virus was also identified in tigers. Experts believe the virus is so dangerous that if it spreads to tiger conservation, it could have a devastating effect on tiger conservation.

There have been cases in the past

According to experts, the incidence of the disease from dogs to tigers has been known for a long time. Tigers have died of dog-borne diseases at Dupur National Park and Panna National Park in Madhya Pradesh.

NTCA has issued SOP regarding Tiger Reserve. In this case, work is going on with the help of NGOs and animal workers’ organizations. – JS Suhag, Chief Wildlife Advocate, Uttarakhand


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