Unlock: 2 thousand people can come to Uttarakhand in 01 day without investigation, read the whole guide


People coming to Uttarakhand during the coronary period are exempted. Now a maximum of 2,000 people from other states can come to the state in one day. So far this number was 1500. People coming from outside will have random checks at the state border. However, these two thousand people will not be included in the discount category. Those who come from outside need to register on the Smart City portal. The DM will also have the right to allow the other 50 people.

Will be held on 15 August
According to the guidelines, state, district, tehsil, municipality and panchayat levels will be organized in the state on August 15. Corona Warrior can be honored by calling at these events. However, the corona standard must be adhered to in these events. Especially social distance and masks etc. must be followed compulsorily.

Other key issues

  • It is mandatory for the restaurant to keep customer details
  • The parks will be open for walking, jogging but no other activities.
  • Those arriving from 33 Covid High Load City must be subject to seven days of Institutional Quarantine and seven days of Home Quarantine. Many more classes of people, including businesses, employees and the sick, the elderly, pregnant women, children under the age of 10, will be left as before.

Some relief in hotels
Dehradun. The new guideline has given some relief to hotels. Now, tourists who have a negative report of Corona 2 hours ago can stay in this state any day. Previous mandatory booking was for a minimum of seven days. Now this rule is only for those tourists who do not have a negative report of coron test. They can’t even go outside the hotel premises. For this the hotel, home stain operator has to take an affidavit. The bar will not be open in hotels, but in room service, wine can be provided for tourists in their rooms. Every person who comes to the restaurant has to keep details. You have to keep a record of who came to the restaurant at what time and at what time.

Prohibitions continue in public programs
Dehradun. In August, the ban on government programs will continue. Political, religious, cultural and recreational and sports activities, crowds have been banned in the guidelines issued by the state government on Tuesday. At the same time, people with no symptoms in the state for industry and business are exempted from segregation. However, they have to register themselves to get the malls opened more often than not.

Educational institutions are closed until 31, with an emphasis on online and distance learning
Dehradun. The government has also decided to close the educational institution for the time being in Unlock 03. All educational institutions including schools, colleges and coaching centers will remain closed till August 31. At this time the government has allowed to continue studying online and in distance mode. Considering the risk of corona infection, it is hoped that online and distance evolution education should also be encouraged in the future.

According to sources, the government is in no hurry with the educational institutions. Especially from basic to secondary level. The government believes it will be quite difficult to follow social distances in schools. It is not easy to keep pre-primary, young primary students and adolescent students secondary to coronary health care standards.

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Schools only open after September
Dehradun. The state government has recommended opening educational institutions only after September. Some time ago, the central government sought the views of all the states in the country on educational institutions. Asked when schools should start in August, September and October?
After consulting with parents, everyone suggested that the school be closed until September. Education Secretary R. Meenakshi Sundaram forwarded the state’s advice to the central government in this regard.

The first priority of the government is the safety of students. Efforts are being made to streamline learning online and through distance. The schools will be closed as per the instructions of the Center.
Arvind Pandey, Minister of Education



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