Two PC officers from UP had to eat hawla in Uttarakhand, find out what’s the matter

The two PCS officers who came to Nainital from Uttar Pradesh to celebrate the New Year seemed too expensive to cause a commotion. The police put both of them in Kotwali at night. In the meantime, the authorities started making a lot of noise here. The matter came to a standstill as the police prepared to take steps for peace. According to reports, tourists arrived in the city on Mall Road on the night of Thirty Fest.

People constantly gathered on Mallroad to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new year. Meanwhile, two people from Uttar Pradesh started arguing with another man. When the matter began to escalate, the police were informed. Upon receiving the news, the police personnel reached the spot from Malital Kotwali. He tried to resolve the dispute.

However, the two people present here started getting involved claiming to be officers. After that the matter escalated further. Both the officers were taken to Kotwali on the instructions of Kotwal Ashok Kumar Singh. Where he began to make noise. After a long hearing, the police began preparing to take action.

After which both of them were asked to undergo medical treatment. Hearing this, the officers calmed down. After which he further said that such a dispute should not be made. Which both have left. Here the topic remains the topic of discussion throughout the day on Friday. However, police officials have refrained from commenting on the matter.


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