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Trouble: Yamunotri highway closed for third day due to landslide


The incessant rainfall in the Munaghati region is causing problems for the people. Due to heavy rains, it was not opened for the third day on Sunday. GCB machines on both sides are constantly busy opening the highway to open the route.


Large boulders fell on the road due to the landslide. Due to which the way to open the route is not visible. The stones lying on the road have been removed and the route is being broken to open up. People are having difficulty to travel as the route is closed. Sandeep Rana, a resident of Rana village, said that the movement of villagers in Gith Patti area has come to a standstill as the highway has been closed for the last three days. Due to which people are facing many problems. DS Kohli, in-charge inspector of Barkot police station, said a huge rock fell on the road from the hill. Probably will continue until late at night.

Landslides have jammed highways in France
There is an uninterrupted landslide near the Hanuman Temple Farasur in Srinagar Srikot on the H Srinagar National Highway. On Sunday morning, Franুois continues to go to the jam due to debris and stones. Due to which there are many lines of vehicles on both sides of the highway.

Patios and toilets were damaged due to rain
The security wall and toilets of a backyard in Chinialisaur were damaged due to late night rains in the district for the last four days. Many houses have cracks. Due to which the victim’s family has appealed to the administration for help.

A part of the house has collapsed due to rain in Chamba
In Gram Sabha Kakhwadi in Chamba block, a part of the house was damaged due to heavy rains. Fortunately no casualties were reported. According to the information received, a part of Uday Chand Ramola’s house collapsed due to heavy rain in Kakhwadi village on Saturday.

Due to heavy rain, the wreckage of the donkey fell into the house
Many houses in Bijar village of Ghat in Chamoli district were devastated on Sunday morning. Due to the overflow of donkeys due to heavy rains, the remains of donkeys entered people’s houses in Bijar village. Village walkways and drinking water lines have also been washed away. Heavy rains started in the ghat area around 2.30 am on Sunday.

By three in the morning, Dona Gadera was getting hot near the village. Which caused chaos. The house is under threat as a donkey was cut under the house of villager Khajan Singh. The houses of Khim Singh, Rakesh, Birendra Singh and Kundan Singh in Bijar village were also threatened with the attack. Grameen head Monica Devi said Duna Gadera was late after heavy rains. Large stones were flowing in the pile.


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