The monsoon may soon bid farewell to Uttarakhand

The state may bid farewell early in the monsoon. Rainfall is also expected to go down with declining rainfall. According to the Meteorological Department, the monsoon will end in September. But it will clear the situation in two days.
Rain showers in Uttarakhand have now relaxed.

Rainfall in the state also slowed down in the last week of September. According to the Meteorological Department, the state recorded 931.8 mm of rainfall from June 1 to September 23, which is 19 percent less than normal. However, during the monsoon season, Bageshwar district received 1960 mm of rainfall which is 140 percent more than normal.

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Dehradun also received 226 percent less rainfall than normal. After the increase in rainfall in July-August, the rainfall starts decreasing from the beginning of September. However, there was a possibility of rain in some parts of the state from September 13 to 20. But now there is no rain in the state even in the last days of September.

With this in mind, the monsoon is likely to move towards the end of this month. However, in the first week of October last year, the monsoon left the state. In fact, the monsoon left the state at normal time till September 28. On the other hand, Meteorological Center Director Vikram Singh said that the rainfall in the state is now over.

There will be no rain for the next 5-7 days except some light rain. However, how long the monsoon will leave the state, it can only be said until September 27 or 28.


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