The good news: Recruitment for backlog posts in the state will start within a month

About fifteen thousand posts of SC-ST backlog will be filled in the state. This assurance was given by Chief Secretary Omprakash to the SC-ST Employees Federation. Details of the backlog posts of different sections will be prepared and published within a month.

In the meeting held at the secretariat, the president of the federation Karamram presented the demands of SC, ST and OBC employees. He said the backlog recruitment Geo was released in March. However, the disclosure was not disclosed. Karamram claimed that the chief secretary had promised to start the appointment within a month. Additional Chief Secretary Radha Raturi has promised to prepare details of vacant posts in the departments within a month.

Assurance of Examination on the Roster: This meeting, November, 2000, did not consider the demand for new promotions and benefits in the new appointment to the roster of ST posts. Its testing was assured. Cleaning workers in the corpses have been promised 50 per cent of the vacancies to be restored. The federation opposed the agreement, saying they should be included in the departmental agreement. The slain dependents were given instant job tests and were assured of recruitment. Also present at the federation meeting were general secretary Hari Singh and spokesperson Promod Kumar.

Assurance on

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The seniority of primary teachers will be determined
In 2010, Class IV employees in the Department of Education should be promoted on the basis of examination for promotion.
Construction of SC-ST Commission building soon
– Outsourced positions also get the benefit of reservation
-OBC reservation quota increased from 24 to 27%

The report of the Irshad Commission was discussed on the 29th

At the meeting, the report of the Irshad Hussa in Commission formed to examine the representation of SC-ST employees in the departments was made public and its implementation was demanded. It was assured that the Chief Secretary would meet on September 29 and report to the Chief Minister. On the other hand, the president of the federation Karamram said that his position has been placed before the chief secretary. The assurances given at the meeting will be mentioned within minutes of the Federation meeting. A strategy will be decided accordingly.


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