Surprising: Degree colleges have started studying online without internet, now waiting for broadband service


Most degree colleges in the state have started offering online education despite not having internet facility. As a result, students studying in remote degree colleges are facing difficulties. Despite all the demands, work to connect colleges to broadband services has not started.
There are 105 degree colleges in the state.

The condition is that BSNL has broadband service in only 17 degree colleges across the state. The internet service of other degree colleges is Rambrocess. Elsewhere, many professors are being forced to teach online from their own mobiles via hotspots. In the last session, only 53 per cent students from across the state were able to get an online education.


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Students from remote colleges had to travel 8 to 15 km in Duner for online education. Wherever students received mobile signals, online learning data was uploaded to the mobile. It was demanded from the government level that soon all the colleges in the state would be connected to the internet service. Work to connect colleges to net and broadband services has not yet begun.


The condition of degree colleges related to urban areas is also bad

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Cities connected to cities are embarrassed by the net connection. All degree colleges including Haldoud, Kotabagh, Ramnagar, Patlot, Doshpani, Maldhanchod adjacent to Haldwani in Kumodan were not connected to broadband with all degree colleges from Dehradun to Dewala. Net connections can be estimated at remote colleges in Pithoragarh, Almora, Champawat, Bageshwar and Garhwal.

All degree colleges in the state will be connected to internet and broadband services by October 2. For this, ITDA and Reliance have been given the responsibility of administration. The online education system will be right across the state as soon as the net connection is repaired.
Dr. NS Bankoti, Deputy Director, Higher Education.

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