Standards will be set for construction of buildings in Uttarakhand, which is highly sensitive to earthquakes

The standard of building construction in Uttarakhand will be determined. A committee of representatives from the Public Works Department, Housing and Bureau of Indian Standards will determine the standards. This decision has been taken as Uttarakhand is very sensitive to earthquakes. A state level committee meeting of the Bureau of Indian Standards was held under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary Omprakash. At this time, the Chief Secretary also directed to conduct awareness programs for consumer protection in the state.

He said the committee meeting should be held in December every year. He said that Uttarakhand is extremely sensitive to earthquakes. In such a situation the quality of building construction should be determined here. He directed the formation of a committee comprising representatives of Lonvi, Housing Department and Bureau of Indian Standards to determine the quality of building construction. The committee will report to the government within three months.

Water purification system for clean water

The Chief Secretary also directed to ensure compliance with the quality of drinking water in the state. He said that where water supply system has become obsolete, water purification system should be provided till the supply system is improved. Growth centers, start-ups are doing well, he added. Now the certification of the products made from them should be done so that the products can be marketed better. He also directed to impart capacity building training to the officers. He said training activities should be organized in April-May.


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