Sports, players and coaches leaving the train in the state, admission tests in sports colleges have also stopped


The field has been lost for the last five months due to Covid 19. Student sports are closed at sports colleges and sports hostels. Sports colleges are not able to admit new students, preparations for the game have not started yet. The coaches are sitting at home unemployed as the sports camp has not been started.

Admission to sports college trial suspended: Maharana Pratap Sports College in Dehradun and Hari Singh Thapa Sports College in Pithoragarh could not start the 20th class admission process at the moment in 2020-21. Class Six is ‚Äč‚Äčtaken after the fitness and sports trials. Preliminary trials will be held at 23 centers from April 5 to May 1 this year. Trials could not be held due to lockdown.


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Now, even if you are allowed to open one of the schools and sports in September-October, it is difficult to admit that the sports college will be able to run the exams only after the approval of both the school and the sports. Given this, the chances of this session in college this year are nil. According to college sources, if the school is not reopened by October, the session will be zero.


Could not check for sports hostels: There are 15 sports hostels in the state. The trial was held at the hostel in April-May. Because of Corona, there was no trial for the hostel this time. At the same time, hostels are also closed, which has also damaged the players’ practice. Tests are not expected this year either.

Sports camps are also not organized: Corona had the greatest impact on sports camps. The Sports Department organizes a 10-month sports training camp from April 15 to February 15 every year. The district sports officer approved the camp on the advice of local people’s representatives. More than two hundred camps are organized in the state throughout the year. Of these, players under the age of 16 are trained. Couldn’t start sports training camp this year because of Corona

Has greatly affected sports activities in the state of Corona. Admission test was not held in the sports college of the hostel. Sports training camps have not been started. It also affects the preparation of the players.
Rajesh Mamgain, District Sports Officer

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