Scandal: Questions have been raised about the purchase of two power corporations in the state, find out what’s the matter

Panels, batteries, chargers were bought at more than double the price of Chibaro, Khodri, Dakpathar Power House of Uttarakhand Jal Bidyut Nigam Limited. A panel worth Rs 4.5 lakh was bought for Rs 9 lakh and a battery worth Rs 1.75 lakh was bought for Rs 744,000. 11 KV cables were purchased at Rs 2595 instead of Rs 700. UJVNL bought all the products from UPCL at double the price. The Uttarakhand Electricity Regulatory Commission has submitted comparative details of the purchase of the two corporations to UJVNL.

It has been said that 11 KV out Goding panel has been bought for Rs. 7..99 lakhs. UPCL bought it for Rs 4.14 lakh. The incoming panel was bought for Rs 9.07 lakh instead of Rs 4.56 lakh. The collar panels of the 11 kV bus were bought at Rs 9.07 lakh instead of Rs 4.52 lakh and the MS channels at Rs 86 kg.70 per kg instead of Rs 46.50 per kg. The control cable was bought at Rs 122.18 instead of 60 meters, the 24 volt battery charger was bought at Rs 1.6 lakh instead of Rs 4,000. Each item was purchased at two to four times the rate.

Millions of machines were not even used: UGVNL bought two machines worth Rs 40.35 lakh to remove waste from the post office in Chile Power House. These machines are not used regularly. Because of this they have also become defective. Employees’ unions have been raising questions for a long time: Shakti Sramik’s organization has been raising questions about the powerhouse issue in Pachwadun. Rakesh Sharma, president of the agency, said that while the Power Control Commission had clearly confirmed the scandal in the report, why is the action being delayed now.

All these things and cheap pitkul

The same items on the 11 kV panel were purchased at a much cheaper price in Pitcull. Pitkul bought the item from UPCL at a lower price.

The Additional Secretary’s investigation is ongoing

Additional Secretary Energy Arunendra Chauhan himself is investigating the whole scandal raised by the Electricity Regulatory Commission. Chauhan said the investigation would be completed soon and a report would be submitted.


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