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Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj has also joined the front opened by Minister of State Rekha Arya against bureaucracy. The Maharaja supported the line and insisted on listening to him. At the same time, the departmental secretaries lobbied for giving the ministers the right to write CR. In addition, government spokesman Madan Kaushik said ministers already have the right to write secretaries’ CRs.

State Minister for Women Welfare and Child Development (Independent Charge) Rekha Arya has written a letter to the Chief Secretary regarding the ongoing stalemate in the department. Rekha wrote that he sought a written order from the secretary’s office despite summoning files related to the tender process. He demanded action against both the departmental secretary and the director for disobeying the instructions.

In a letter to the chief secretary, Rekha said he had called for a tender process from the department on September 24 to discuss with the chief minister. When his staff asked for a file from the deputy commissioner, he was unable to do so without the secretary’s instructions. His staff sought written orders from the personal staff of the Secretary Courtesy. Thereafter, the chief administrative officer appointed to the department had to write a letter to the deputy director requesting that the file be handed over. Rekha also called on the department to suspend the ongoing tender process. At the same time, he demanded action from the secretary and director for clarification as he did not disobey the order.

V. Shanmugam demanded to change the department!

Here, there is a discussion that Director V. Shanmugam also handed over a letter to the Chief Secretary asking him to remove the Women and Child Welfare Department. According to sources, Shanmugam described the whole incident and expressed inability to work in the department. After the resignation of Tehri DM two months ago, Shanmugam became the director of the department. However, no official confirmation of the letter was given. Shanmugam also did not come forward to respond.

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Manisha Panwar started this investigation

Additional Chief Secretary Manisha Panwar, who was appointed as the investigating officer in the ministerial-official debate, has started the probe. Panwar said he had received an order from the chief secretary, on which he had launched an investigation. Here the Divisional Director V. Shanmugam was not present to present his case on Friday. He also did not respond to phone calls and messages from Hindustan correspondents.

Employees issued a memorandum: Staff deployed from Rekha Arya, the departmental minister outsourced on Friday, as part of the Women’s Welfare Child Development Nutrition campaign. Meanwhile, the employees submitted a memorandum demanding retention of recruitment. He said 380 workers have not received honors in the last five months. The contract with the agency also expired on September 14, which also led to the termination of their services.

Ministers have the right to write CR: Your Majesty

In this case, Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj also came in favor of Rekha Arya. He demanded that ministers should have the right to write CRs to departmental secretaries. At his camp office on Subhash Road on Friday, Maharaj said that the secretary should only write the CR by the minister, it has become very urgent. After that the officials will listen to the ministers. He said that in the rest of the states of the country, this is the tradition, only in Uttarakhand, there is a practice where ministers do not write the CR of their departmental secretaries. Maharaj said that the staff department had not informed him about the CR of the secretaries till date. In such a situation when the information will not be given, how will the Minister send his opinion to the Chief Secretary.

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The CR Ruling Rule has already been applied: Kaushik

Asked about the tourism minister’s remarks, official spokesperson Madan Kaushik said the state of writing officers of CR ministers is already in force. However, in many cases, if an officer has more than one department, then the report of another minister also works. The concerned minister is not aware of it, which creates confusion.

The Chief Minister took the final decision on CR

Secretary level officials have a set procedure for writing CRs. According to a senior official in the personnel department, the secretary forwarded his CR to the chief secretary. The working departments are seeking views from the concerned ministers on the matter. This file is sent to the Chief Minister in the comments of the Minister and the Chief Secretary. The Chief Minister has the final say on CR. They can delete comments and keep paired.

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Crisis in front of the workers due to the excuses of the officers

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360 people are in crisis due to the officials. Not working even with a hefty salary comes under the Department of Corruption. We should also consider this aspect.
Rekha Arya, Minister of State for Independent Charge

If the officers are found guilty, action will be taken: Kaushik

The right of the Minister to investigate or file a case in the department. If there is any problem in the tender process, the officials will be processed. Ministers are not knowledgeable about technology, they have the right to get information from officials.
Madan Kaushik, official spokesperson


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