Peasant movement: Wives encouraged husbands, saying – we will manage the front of the house

For more than a month, hundreds of farmers in the U.S. city district have been protesting at the Gazipur border demanding the repeal of the new Farmers Bill. After they go on strike, their wives are taking full charge of the house. In addition to taking responsibility for the family and children, they are also taking full care to take care of the field. He said the whole family strongly supports this. She will not be able to go to Dharna but is going with the mental strength to support the movement of husbands.

They say that no matter how long it takes, the goal that their husbands should leave home and field to sit in a dharna away should be achieved. At the same time, the villagers are also seeing the farmers taking care of their land during the Gazipur strike. The villagers are giving full support to the peasant movement. Nabtejpal Singh of Satarganj for a month at the Geetipur border. Here his brother and the people of the village are conducting farming. Navtej Kaur’s wife Navita Kaur said that her husband has been at the Gazipur border since November 26, 2020 in protest of the Agriculture Act.

He also took six months of rations and medicine in his tractor trolley. The tractor trolley also has inverters and solar lights. Navrita Kaur said that her daughter’s birthday was in December. His whole family is involved with Navtej, who is playing a major role in the peasant movement. He said his family and villagers fully supported him.

Gursvek Singh, husband of former Siparganj ZIP member Bamanpreet Kaur, has been staying at the Gazipur border since November 26. He has got the opportunity to represent in 40 farmers’ organizations. Bamanpreet Kaur said that their four-year-old and nine-year-old son has been born. Her husband is playing an important role in the ongoing movement for the future of farmers. It is a matter of pride for him. The children are also supporting Gursavek Singh’s father is overseeing the work of the agricultural fence.

Don’t worry about the house, I’ll take care of it: Jasbir Kaur

Jasvir Singh, husband of Jasvir Kaur, a resident of Malsi, has been living on the Gazipur border for a month in the peasant movement. For a few days there were problems with family responsibilities, including farming, but after the severe winter, the husband was inspired to spend the day on the highway and took over farming with his son.

Running a house in the absence of a husband is like a movement

Pratap Singh, a young peasant leader from Shibpuri, a village assembly in Bajpur, has been staying at the Gazipur border since the first day of the Sandhu movement. In his absence his wife Rajwant Kaur is running the house and farming. Rajwant says running the house in the absence of her husband looks like a movement.

Free bus service from Bajpur to Gazipur has started for farmers
Farmers going to the Gazipur border will get free bus service to take part in the peasant movement. On Saturday, 5 farmers reached Gazipur border from the first bus service. Buses will be dispatched on Mondays and Thursdays each week. It carries more than fifty Gurudwara meetings in Bajpur. According to farmer leader Bikramjit Singh Gill, private buses will go to Gatipur every Monday and Thursday as per the decision of the Gaurapur Sings Sabha meeting.

Buses will run from each tehsil

Farmer leader Ajit Pratap Randhawa said a bus service would be launched from every tehsil like Bajpur. Our goal is to transport 1000 farmers to the Gazipur border by 30-40 buses daily.


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