Opportunity to legalize illegal water connections, learn how

Drinking water customers have been given the opportunity to legalize their illegal drinking water connection. These connections include consumers who had stolen connections to the main supply line at the time of the water organization and they do not pay the water bill. A drinking water project is underway in more than 100 areas of six wards of Mehmpurwala cluster Dharmapur and Sahaspur assembly constituencies at a cost of about Tk 188 crore.

So far 30 percent of the work has been done. Prior to the project, a survey conducted by the Drinking Water Corporation revealed hundreds of illegal connections. However, the Drinking Water Corporation has made it clear that it will not cut a single connection. Since all connections have digital meters installed and missing customers will be searched and connected.

Some incentive projects will also be launched to make the connection 100%. Older subscribers will not be charged for connecting to the new line, but all valid customers will have to pay for the new connection. The connection with the fine will be valid. EE Drinking Water Corporation World Bank’s project Sitaram said there are frequent opportunities for illegal conversions to legal connections. To become a customer they can be contacted at the billing collection center.

Work fast before Diwali

According to Sitaram, work is being brought into full swing before Diwali. After that the workers want to go on vacation. Then the speed of work will decrease anyway due to winter. This is the right time for civil work, so you want to make the most of it. Their work has already been hampered by Corona. He said drilling of two new tubewells has started in Mehunwala. Work on the overhead tank has begun. The work of laying new pipeline at Van Bihar, Mehunwala has been completed.


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