On Father’s New Moon Day, you will be able to bathe in Haridwar for the first time


At Haridwar, on Thursday, devotees will be able to take a sacred dip in the Ganges following the official guide line on the Father’s New Moon. At the same time, the Narayani seal fathers will remain fully sealed in the new moon. Ordinary fans will not be able to enter the rock on Thursday. Narayani sealed the rock on Wednesday evening.

Shraddha ends on Thursday with the father’s new moon. On this day in Haridwar, a large number of people from Bijnor, Muzaffarnagar, Muradabad and surrounding areas used to bathe and perform rituals in Narayani rock but this year, due to the corona period, Narayani rock fair has been banned. In addition to the temple, the administration also decided five days ago that the fair would be banned this year. Passengers will be able to perform rituals at other Ganga ghats due to the closure of Narayani rock. Bathing and ceremonies will be conducted at Harki Padi, Kushbrat Ghat and other ghats.

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Responsibility of police members at Ganga Ghat

Police have imposed police duties on all Ganga Ghats. However, in case of increasing crowds, the police have also made a plan to evacuate Harki. On Wednesday, City Magistrate Jagdish Lal on behalf of the administration and CO City Dr Purnima Gorg on behalf of the police held discussions with Sriganga Sabha President Pradeep Jha, General Secretary Tanmoy Basishta and other officials. In which it has been decided not to impose any restrictions on every penny bath.

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First chance in the Corona era

However, the crowd is overflowing every day. There is no crowd like a big foot bath on Father’s Day, but the walk is quite good so far, Harki has sealed the foot on the main bath during the police coronation, but this time it has not been sealed.

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