Occupancy will also be removed from religious places with more

Occupancy will also be removed from religious places with more than 0 illegal construction signs in the capital

Religious places in the world will be occupied. Apart from this, occupation of government offices will also be carried out. On Saturday, the administration team surveyed unreasonable occupants in the city. The enc1 occupancy was identified in it. It includes incidents involving 35 religious sites. To remove these, the administration will talk to the representatives of religious organizations and they themselves will be given time to remove these possessions. If the occupation is not removed in time, the administration team will take action.

Following the High Court order, the administration is conducting a drive to remove the stalemate on the city’s roads. In the last few days, the administration has removed more than 1,200 possessions in the world. The people of Platoon Bazaar, Dhamwala etc. are taking possession themselves. The JCB of the administration was silent on Saturday. Four teams of administration visited Rajpur Road, Raipur Road, Chakrata Road, Rajpur Road, Sahasradhara Road, Saharanpur Road, Shimla Bypass, Kavali Road etc. and identified the remaining occupations. Its report was given to higher officials.

It has become clear that there are enc1 occupations here. It contains unknowns involving most religious and government departments. Municipal Commissioner Binoy Shankar Pandey, chairman of the task force, said the unidentified persons identified after the survey would first be discussed with representatives of the concerned religious institutions and government departments. This will give them a few days to remove the occupants themselves. If the possession is not removed even after this, this step will be taken following the direction of the High Court.

This has been identified as unknown

Temple 22
Gurudwara 03
Mosque 04
Cemetery wall 01
Tomb 06
Police Booth 02
Transformer 21
Public toilet 02


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