Monsoon session of the Legislative Assembly: Congress will round up the government on these issues, read

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The Congress has finalized a strategy against the blockade of the government in the monsoon session of the Legislative Assembly. Congress is going to bring a stop work proposal in the session on the issue of unemployment. At the same time, Congress will bring Coroner-Natural Disasters and Farmers under Rule-55. Congress will raise the issue of Dwarhat MLA Mahesh Negi with law and order.

A strategy was adopted with the session of the Congress Legislative Party in the Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly on Monday. The meeting was attended by Assembly Deputy Leader Karan Mahara, former Vice President Govinda Singh Kunjwal, Mamata Rakesh, Manoj Rawat and Aadesh Chauhan.

Congress state presidents Pritam Singh and Kazi Nizamuddin could not attend the meeting due to ill health. The sessions strongly objected to reducing the duration of the session from three days. He said that the monsoon session of the Lok Sabha could continue, why the assembly session could not be held here?

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Mahara said the government does not want to respond to public issues. Kunjwal said that unemployment would be the main issue of the Congress in the session. Besides, Dwarhat MLA Mahesh Negi, rising crime, police harassment, etc. will all come under this issue. The government has also completely failed to stop Corona. Questions will also be raised about this.

Congress will start a movement against the agriculture bill

The Congress will also launch a campaign in Uttarakhand against the Centre’s agrarian reform bill. State in-charge Devendra Yadav on Monday said the bills, which were brought in the name of farmers’ interests, were going to prove to be the biggest enemy of farmers. Congress will fight this issue on the streets from Parliament.

In Uttarakhand, a movement will be launched to make farmers aware of the far-reaching side effects of this bill. Yadav said the way these bills were passed in Parliament was embarrassing for democracy. Farmers are against this bill. Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign.

This is not a farmer-friendly decision of the BJP government at the Center, but a corporate-friendly decision. Yadav said the Congress would raise the issue of farmers in the wet session in the state on September 23. There will be movement on this issue in the streets at the end of the session.

The government is not in a position to face the question of the opposition. Due to this, the three-day session was reduced to one day only. But one day it will be fully utilized. Congress will raise more and more issues related to the public interest in the House.
Govinda Singh Kunjwal, Jageshwar MLA

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