MLA misdemeanor case: Victim woman gets medical, demands DNA test


The woman, who filed a rape case against BJP MLA Mahesh Negi, medically meditated on police protection. At the same time, the police may record a statement in court under Article 1 164 of the woman if necessary during the discussion.

The Dwarhat MLA and his wife have filed a case against a woman in their area at the Nehru Colony police station. The woman has accused the MLA of rape and demanded a DNA test. The case is being discussed by SIS branch inspector Asha V.

On September 13, investigators contacted the woman and called for her treatment, on which the woman arrived at Gandhi Shatabdi Hospital on Monday morning.


Here, a team of doctors meditated on the woman in the presence of obstruction. DIG Arun Mohan Joshi said the woman was being treated. All evidence is being collected. If necessary, the woman’s statement can be submitted to the court under section 1 164.

The Children’s Commission summons the woman

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Dehradun. In the MLA case, the Uttarakhand Child Rights Protection Commission has summoned the woman for a hearing on the DNA test of the girl child. Commission secretary Dr Roshni Sati said Hari Singh Negi, a member of the Uttarakhand Bar Council, had alleged that the woman had illegally tested the girl’s DNA. The commission issued a notice for the woman to appear before the commission. But the woman did not notice. Now the commission has issued summons. He said the woman had been asked to present her position before the commission on September 19.

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