Inflation hits: Drug prices rise in new year, government treatment becomes more expensive

In Kumaon, both treatment and medicine have become expensive in the new year. Prescription and check-up rates at government hospitals have risen by ten per cent, while medicines have risen by two to eight per cent. Most of these are all major antibiotics except BP, sugar, fever and painkillers. According to stockists, the increase was due to a halt in imports from China and a lack of packaging material. Guinea medicine prices have risen in Halwani, but prices in other districts of Kumaon continue to rise with new stocks.

In fact, most of the raw materials for pharmaceutical companies come from China. However, due to the closure of imports from China due to Kovid-19, pharmaceutical companies have had to import products from other countries. It contains wrapper polyvinyl chloride (PVC) used for drug salt packing. Pharma companies have started raising the prices of medicines due to costly imports, which is going to directly harm the common man.

The price of paracetamol-pneumoslide has risen the most

Paracetamol and pneumococcal drugs have suffered the most due to the raw materials of expensive drugs. The price of the powder of these drugs has increased from Rs 150 to Rs 70,000.

Haldwani is a major drug condition
The new rate in medicine is the old rate

Paracetamol 12 09
Azithromycin 80 50
Pentaprazol 160 200
Anti-allergy 130 110
Metformin 32 30
Multi Vitamin 80 60
Makeup 468 411
Nomark 1276 1050
MinuteP Pro 1259 1144
Tendocare 490 425
Montek FX202 167

Champawat: Now the old thing, the new stock will be expensive

According to drug dealers Harish Kharkwal and Manoj Pandey, there are still old stocks. After January 15, new stock drugs will arrive. You will be able to get concrete information about the increased price. The picture of rising drug prices will only be clear.

Bageshwar: Prices will go up in a week

Gokul Joshi, president of the Drug Association, said the rate of drugs in the district has not increased yet. Some companies have informed wholesalers about the increase in drug prices. Many drugs are running out, the picture of price rise will become clearer when new stocks come out a week later.

Almora: Multivitamins with anti-allergic biotics are expensive

The prices of some medicines have gone up in Almora. The highest price increases were in Maxest and Nomark. The make-up available at Rs 210 has now been raised to Rs 245, while the price of azithromycin, pentaprazole, anti-allergy drugs has gone up from Rs 5 to Rs 50.

USNagar: 10-30 percent price increase with new stocks

With the arrival of new stocks in Rudrapur, the price of medicines has gone up by 10 to 30 per cent. Sanjeev, owner of Priyanka Medical Store in Rudrapur, said the old stock was still low. The new stocks have brought some drugs, the rate of which has increased.

Pithoragarh: The price of essential medicines has not increased

In the border district of Pithoragarh, the rate of medicines has not increased at present. According to medical store operators, it is possible to increase the rate when new stock arrives. Janak Joshi, president of the Drug Association, said the rate of drugs in the district has not increased at present.

At the government hospital now 28 rupees slipped

Since the new year, treatment in government hospitals has become 10 percent more expensive. From the new year, the price of prescription for treatment in government hospitals has gone up from Rs 25 to Rs 28. In addition to these, all services and investigations in all government hospitals have also become 10 per cent more expensive.

At present, new rates of medicines like BP, sugar etc. have increased by Rs 2-4 per packet. According to wholesalers, the prices of the rest of the new drugs are also going up. – Pawan Bisht, retailer

Currently the old stock is running. But companies are constantly talking about raising prices. New stock will arrive soon. In such a situation, raising the price will be clear within a month. – Omesh Joshi, President, Druggist and Chemist Association, Dr. Halwani


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