In the name of husband's insurance policy, the swindler kept the account for 11 months, three people were arrested on charges of cheating Rs 3.36 lakh

In the name of husband’s insurance policy, the swindler kept the account for 11 months, three people were arrested on charges of cheating Rs 3.36 lakh


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A year after her husband’s death, the 70-year-old thug cheated her of Rs 3 lakh by promising to pay Rs 644.90 lakh for her husband’s insurance policy. The thug has been cheating the old man in his bank account for about 11 months. Disclosing the case, Cyber ​​Cell and Dalanwala police arrested three accused. The mastermind of the gangsters has previously worked in the call center of an insurance company.

EC Road resident Uma Kumar filed a case with Dalanwala police station on August 12. He said that in August 2019, he received a call from an unknown number on his mobile. The caller described himself as Krishnananda Mandal. She laughed at the old woman, claiming that she was an employee of a Delhi-based insurance company, which had an insurance policy of Rs 4.90 lakh.

Said that some installments of the policy have not been submitted. If they are paid, they will receive the full amount of insurance. The elderly woman came behind the accused and deposited Rs 644.90 lakh in her bank account for 11 months. He deposited Rs 3.36 lakh in the bank account provided by the accused. The police then gave up hope of getting the money. He told police he had mortgaged his jewelry to pay the same amount. Many neighbors have taken millions of rupees from there. Other family members did not provide this information. Police have started investigating the case.

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District cyber cell in-charge Ashok Rathore said police had obtained information from a bank account based on the investigation. In which the victim deposited money. The police reached the accused with the address and mobile number recorded in it. He said that Ankur Pathak alias Bablu (25), son of Mahesh Pathak and Prashant Sharma (22), son of Abneesh Kumar, resident of Kumarpur, Thana Pahasu, District Bulandshahr (UP) and Harveer Singh (50), resident of Pithampur Thana Pahasu, District Bulandshahr are involved in various scams. Arrested from place. Police reached Dun on Sunday with the accused. Police said the victim’s son was working abroad.


Thirty lakh rupees and mobile phones were recovered

Police recovered Tk 2.80 lakh in cash and mobile phones from the accused. At the same time, 1.99 lakh rupees has been deposited in the account of one accused.

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Shoot reader Kingpin

According to the police, Ankur Pathak is the mastermind of this thug cycle. He worked in the call center of an insurance company in NCR about two years ago. After stealing a lot of people’s data from there, he himself planned to run a call center and commit fraud. The accused took Prashant Sharma of the village for this. The two decided with Harvey that he would get the amount of fraud in his account. This will give Harvey a 20% commission.

Fraudulent information from 90 people

After questioning the accused, the police are collecting information of other people who were cheated by them. During this time, the police received information about fraud from about 90 people. However, the complete information has not been collected yet. According to police, the accused Ankur is also in touch with cyber thugs in West Bengal and Jharkhand. He buys data on people’s policies etc. and sends it from here.



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