In order to reduce the cost in Uttarakhand, the post of rank holders should be finished

Employees have demanded a one-day exemption per month from regular DA increases from employees’ salaries. It was made clear at the meeting of the Uttarakhand Adhikari Karmachari Mancha Mancha that if the government had to reduce its expenditure, it would have to abolish the posts of ministers of the dignified states and cabinets. Presiding over the forum meeting held at Jamuna Colony, Chief Convener Naveen Kandpal said that no effort has been made so far from the government level to realize the nine-point demand.


It is not right to impose the full burden of bad financial conditions on employees. Because the workers are contributing 100 percent to this epidemic. The government should abolish all the posts of rank holders. Convening Secretary Sunil Dutt Kothari said the government should conduct free investigations into non-government organizations, hotels approved for quarantine, coronon infection of employees.


When being charged from employees. Provincial spokesperson Purnananda Natial said the workers have not yet benefited from the Atal Ayushman Health Project. Even health cards for employees are not made. The mandate also has many flaws. Convener Harish Chandra Nautiyal said immediate benefits of cashless healthcare should be ensured.

If that doesn’t happen, it’s still a way to get more out of the corona. The meeting decided to support the national movement for restoration of old pensions. Pratap Singh Panwar, Pancham Singh Bisht, Ramesh Ramola, Sandeep Kumar Maurya, Banwari Singh Rawat, Ajay Belwal, Anantram Sharma, Vikram Singh Negi and others were present.

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