Husband, who lives in the ward with the victim’s wife, is playing a war partner with Corona

Husbands are equal to God for wives. Many husbands at Coronako Dun Women’s Hospital have proved it. Where the issue of abuse and discrimination among patients with corona is coming to the fore. At the same time, many husbands are staying in the Corona Ward with their infected wives and raising their morale to win this battle with their services.

According to Dr. Ashutosh Saina, Principal, Dun Medical College, a woman is in dire need of emotional support during childbirth. Physicians and nursing staff are relentlessly serving patients. With the help of dignitaries, he is being allowed to stay in the ward voluntarily at a healthy distance.

Deputy MS Dr Manoj Sharma said 100 infected women have been treated at the hospital so far. Of which 2 have been distributed. Masks, sanitizers, gloves, etc. are being provided to the people living in the ward with the wooden woman, while medicines used to prevent coronary infections are also being given to them.

They are being given separate beds. At the same time his corona is also being investigated. Many of which have been found to be positive. Eighty percent of the timas are composed of husbands, besides twenty percent have sisters, sisters, etc.

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Entry under 50 years of age

Dr Reena Pal, a gynecologist at Dun Mahila Hospital, said Timardar had been kept as a volunteer. Her entire medical history is checked. There is no problem with sugar, BP, kidneys and after the age of 50 these are only kept in the ward. Having a timdar as a husband keeps the woman mentally healthy and also gives emotional support. This has resulted in better results.

Tracking data

Total patients 245
Total distribution was found to be 116 (suspicious, which was later negative – 54, infected – 62).
Total treatment of infected women-100
General Distribution – 43
Cesarean delivery – 73
(Images from March 21 to September 19)

Female patients doubled in one to one and a half months

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The last fortnight of August and now the number of female patients has doubled in September. According to the hospital, the number of female patients has increased from 125 to 245 till August. At the same time, the number of infected women was 38 then, but now it has risen to more than a hundred.

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This includes a large number of patients from Haridwar district, who are mentioned here. Dr Chitra Joshi, HOD of the Women’s Wing, said that as patients get older, there are also challenges. But every worker, including doctors, nurses and paramedics, is working with passion. Employees are also being infected, but there is no shortage of services for patients.


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