Humanity: The wife is stabbed with a pole, the wife suffocates with a scarf and escapes

In the area, a man severely injured his wife by hitting her with a stick. He then strangled his wife with a dupatta and fled. Upon receiving the information, the CO and Kotwal took information from the people in the vicinity. Police have sent Panchnama’s body for autopsy.

According to information, after crossing the canal, a fight broke out with Rukhsana, 30, wife of Sanaullah, a resident of Mahalla Naya Bus. Police said that during interrogation, it was learned that Rukhsana was Sanaullah’s second wife. The daughter of the first wife also lived with him.

Interrogation of people in the area revealed that there was a dispute between Rukhsana and Sanaullah over Taranum, the daughter of the first wife. Rukhsana did not want to keep him to herself. It is said that on Monday morning, Taranum went to a nearby shop with her two-year-old younger brother Saddam to pick up things.

Meanwhile, the couple quarreled again. Meanwhile, Sanaullah hit Rukhsana several times on the head with a stick. When he was injured, Sanaullah suffocated him with a scarf and fled. After a while Taranum went back to the house, his senses flew.

He informed the people around him about the incident. At the same time, CO Manoj Tagore, Kotwal NB Bhatt, who reached out to the information, filled in the autopsy report of the incident from Tarannum and people in the vicinity and sent it to the Prime Minister. CO Manoj Tagore said the husband killed his wife due to a family quarrel.


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