He is accused of abducting a minor teenager who escaped from police custody


The accused in the abduction of the teenager escaped from police custody. Police searched the city but could not find the accused. A case has been filed against the accused who escaped from police custody. On August 27, a teenager went missing from the Civil Lines Kotwali area under suspicious circumstances.

The family had filed a case against Rohit Yadav alias Chhotu, a resident of Nagla Ganj Thana Bewar, District Mainpuri UP, for abducting the minor. Preliminary police investigation revealed that the teenager was with accused Rohit alias Chhotu. A police team was deployed to rescue the accused and the minor.

Police team raided Faridabad on Tuesday and found Rohit alias Chhotu and Kishore. After that, the trend of Pokso spread over Rohit. Kotwali shot dead Rohit alias Chhotu late on Tuesday night. Meanwhile, Rohit informed the constable that he was having trouble breathing. Believing him, the constable pulled him out of the lockup and placed him on a lattice porch near the gate.

Homeguards were deployed to supervise the accused. Meanwhile, Rohit alias Chhotu escaped by trapping the home guard by trapping the wall about seven feet high. The Knight Officer was informed. The matter then reached the top officials. Though the police were late in the city and rural areas, Rohit alias Chhotu could not be found anywhere else.

A case was filed against Rohit alias Chhotu on behalf of Knight Officer Baru Singh Chauhan for absconding from police custody. Inspector Rajesh Shah said Rohit alias Chhotu and Kishore were rescued from Faridabad on Tuesday. In Kotwali, Rohit alias Chhotu complained to a soldier about his ill health.


Shortly after leaving the lockup, he escaped by hanging a wall of forgery. A fugitive case has been filed against the accused. After receiving medical treatment, the teenager was handed over to his family. The accused is being pursued in Mainpuri and possible targets for arrest.

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The report has been sent to the captain

A report of the fugitive case has been sent to SSP Sentil Abudai Krishnaraj SK on behalf of Civil Lines Kotwal. The whole incident is described in the account of how it happened. Who used to post Kotwali at the time of the incident. It has also been said.

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The prisoners have escaped before

Roorkee has previously reported many cases of absconding. The detainees escaped from Roorkee Jail, Civil Hospital and Ganganahar Kotwali. On July 31 last year, Shah Rukh, a resident of Tanda Vanera Mangalore, escaped by breaking down the prison walls. Rais, a resident of Teliwala, escaped into the Kotwali custody of the Ganges. Quader, a resident of Rahmatpur Kalier, escaped handcuffed at the Civil Hospital. Police arrested all the accused and sent them to jail.

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