Get ready for a big change in the capital of Uttarakhand, know what is going to happen

The beginning of 2020 brought a lot of expectations. But suddenly the Uri Corona epidemic has shaken the whole world, including Dun. The vaccine is now expected to arrive in Corona in 2021 for rescue work. At the same time, the new year will see many big changes in Dehradun. Let me introduce you to them: –

Thirty electric city buses will fill Duner’s streets

A big plan of Dehradun Smart City will be seen to take shape on the ground. In the next two months, 30 electric buses will start operating in the city. These air-conditioned buses will be equipped with modern facilities. In such a situation people will enjoy traveling in these smart city buses instead of the city buses running in the same condition year after year.

There will be 30 electric buses on separate routes in Duner. From December 11, a bus ran as a trial on different routes in the city. The bus trial was successful. Bus fares have also been fixed. Dr. Ashish Kumar Srivastava, Chief Executive Officer of Smart City, said that the company will soon have 30 buses.

After this, they will be operated on several routes including Dun-Bimanbandar, ISBT-Rajpur. Stoppage information on this smart bus can be found in three languages. It has Hindi, English as well as Garhwali language. There is a ramp for Divyang. The driver-conductor will be seen in an average dress. At the same time they are equipped with panic buttons with CCTV cameras.

Dunn’s parade ground will be seen in a new look

The parade ground in the city center will get a new look this year. The Parade Ground and the Gandhi Park will be built in a manner similar to the highways of Delhi. The VIP stage in the middle of the parade ground will be grand at the north end. It will be for guests on Independence Day or Republic Day and there will be a parade in the streets around the parade ground. The parade will come in front of the VIP stage (towards Dun Club) and salute. 23..63 crore will be worked.

At the same time, rain fed water will not flow on the road at the parade ground. Rather an underground tank is being built to store it. The parade ground will be developed as a green field as well as a cycle track. After the construction of the parade ground, the old building of Dun Library and District Sports Office will also be revived around it. The parade track at the Parade Ground is targeted to be ready before 26 January.

Dun Railway Station will be the tallest building in the city

Work on renovating the railway station in Dehradun, the capital of Uttarakhand, will also begin this year. The station will be one of the tallest buildings in the city. That is why IIT team is working on soil test recently. It will look completely different when all the station work is done. Entrance and exit doors to the station will be separate.

The food outlet will be upgraded with other state-of-the-art facilities including underground parking. In the project, you can enjoy a 360-degree bird’s-eye view of the entire Dun Valley in about an hour from the rolling restaurant at the top of the high-rise tower. It will be the first rolling restaurant like this in the state of Uttarakhand. MDDA VV Ranveer Singh Chauhan said the proposed station would cost Rs 125 crore for construction and Rs 400 crore for commercial development. Commercial construction also includes hotels and complexes.

Dun will soon get a 100-bed hospital

A new 100-bed hospital will soon be available to treat the people of the capital. Work on the new 100-bed hospital building at Coronation Hospital is almost complete. The hospital will be opened in the coming days. After the completion of the new building, all kinds of facilities will be available in the district hospital.

So far there is no benefit of MRI, CT scan, ICU. These new facilities will be available in the new building. Chief Medical Superintendent Dr Manoj Upreti said the hospital has done a lot of work. The executive has said it will do the rest of the work soon. Work in progress. Patients will be relieved after the start of the new building.

Ten-bed ICU at Gandhi Hospital

The ten-bed ICU ward will soon start at Gandhi Hospital. All equipment including the bed has been placed in the ICU. Now there are only a few jobs left, which will take another fifteen days. Pregnant women will feel very comfortable after starting ICU. Please note that so far the government hospital in the city has ICU facilities at Dun Medical College Hospital.

However, this hospital is currently operating as a cove-hospital. Due to which ordinary patients are not getting the benefit of it. Not only that, only women with corona are being admitted to the women and maternity ward.

In the new year, garbage will be dumped in 31 new wards

In the new year, house-to-house garbage collection will start in 31 new wards by the municipal corporation. It is expected that after January 15, house-to-house garbage collection will begin. Four agencies have been selected. The tiffin fee of that company will be less. Arrangements will be made to collect waste from house to house.

The municipal corporation has been collecting garbage in the old wards since 2011. After the expansion of the municipal corporation, 2 villages were included. 31 new wards were created due to the boundaries of these villages. In these 31 new wards, temporary garbage collection is going on in some wards. But now the municipality has a plan to permanently remove garbage from all these 31 wards. Tenders have been issued on behalf of the corporation.

Eight companies participated in the tender. Of which four companies went beyond technical bids. Four agencies have been selected. Of these four companies, the company with the tiffin fee will be the lowest. Arrangements will be made to collect waste from house to house. The new 31 wards will improve the sanitation system in these areas due to household waste.

Explain that a cleaning fee of Rs. 50 will be charged from each household as soon as garbage collection starts. Where at present 70 to 100 rupees is being taken in new cases. Municipal Commissioner Binoy Shankar Pandey said garbage collection from house to house in the new ward will start after January 15.

The number of smart vending zones will increase in Dehradun

The municipality will create 19 smart vending zones in the new year for the employment of unemployed people during the Corona period. Those who are in this vending zone will be given space to trade fruits and vegetables. 19 smart weddings will be built by the municipal corporation in the city. For this, the place has been surveyed. Smart vending zones will be created in old vegetable markets from scratch.

In which smart kiosks will be created. The corporation has started preparations for this. Many people have become unemployed due to corona. In such a situation, at the board meeting, the municipal corporation decided that the unemployed would be given employment in the vending zone. Mayor Sunil Unilever Gamma said 2020 is a problem because of Covid. Due to this many works of the municipality were damaged. However, the corporation will also prepare 19 smart vending zones in the new year. This vending zone will provide employment to 4000 people. Preparations have started in the corporation for this.

In the new year, 655 thousand LED street lights will be installed in the new ward

The new municipality plans to install LED street lights in new wards in the new year. This work will also start in January. The lighting company of the new ward has completed the survey. In such a situation, the darkness of all the areas under the new ward will be removed in the new year. Lots of street lights are involved in 722 villages after the municipal boundary expansion. Due to which darkness falls in these areas at night.

India’s first snow leopard conservation center built in Uttarkashi

The country’s first snow leopard conservation center will be turned into the Vairo Valley in Uttarkashi. The government has approved it. Forest Minister Dr Harak Singh Rawat said the government has plans to conserve endangered species of wildlife and promote winter tourism. It is expected to be built in 2021. This will create new employment opportunities for local people. According to scientists at the Wildlife Institute of India, there are currently about 586 snow leopards in the country.

For the first time, they are being officially counted. The conservation center is being set up in collaboration with the Netherlands to conserve this snow leopard. The cost of the conservation center will be around Rs. There are currently an estimated 86 snow leopards in the state. The snow leopard is a rare creature that is also called the Mount of Mountains. Snow leopards are found at an altitude of 3000 to 4500 m in the Nanda Devi Biodiversity Zone, Gangotri National Park, etc. of the state. They are found in large numbers in Uttarkashi and Pithoragarh districts.

The jungle safari will run on puddles, tiger watching is guaranteed

Now, though, tourists can’t see the tigers in Corbett. However, there will be a guarantee of seeing tigers in the pots of the coat gate located in the buffer zone. The jungle safari is expected to begin in Pakhro in the middle of this year. Tiger safari work has also started here on 106 hectares of land. The special thing is that there are also plans to bring white from Madhya Pradesh. If this can be done, it will prove to be a milestone for the state in terms of tourism.

Forest Minister Dr Harak Singh said that in 2012, visiting Prime Minister Narendra Modi of Corbett announced a tiger safari in Pakharo. Since then Carpet has been involved in creating the Tiger Reserve’s work plan. An action plan of around Tk 20 crore has been prepared for this. It will also increase the tourist attraction in and around Kotdwar.

At the same time new employment opportunities will be created for the local people. It is hoped that this fort and the surrounding area will be as developed as Ramnagar. Tourism will also increase income in the state. In the first phase, five tigers will be kept in it. Tourists will go to the closed gypsy to see. This means the tiger can be seen very closely.

The second city park, built in the police station, will be able to enjoy nature with family

If you want to spend a few moments relaxing near nature away from the crowds of the capital, you will soon find the forest of another city. A city forest will be built next year at Jhajra-style police station. Hopefully it will be ready by the end of March. DFO Rajeev Dhiman said that the people of Ananda forest like Jhanjhara very much.

The number of tourists on weekly holidays has now reached thousands. Which in itself is a record of a park. But more people are coming only in urban or backward areas. In view of this, a city park is being set up at the police station on the other side of the city. Which will be near the waters of Bhopal. Its work has started.

Now the work has stopped due to lack of budget. The effort is to sort out the budget and finish it within the next three months. According to DFO sources, people have started coming to the park in the morning. In such a situation, it is hoped that people will get a good response after the park is ready. It will also boost tourism in the region and increase sales of local products.

Drinking water customers will get 16 hours of water at Nathuwala from March

The Rs 22.46 crore drinking water project constructed by the Nathuwala Water Institute will be completed in March this year. Despite the deadline of July 2021 to complete the project, the project is being completed five months ago. Areas like Nathuwala, Nakrunda, etc. are being built for more than three and a half thousand families and a population of more than twenty thousand. , More pressurized water than before, water system will be ensured without installing 12 meter high motors.

Smart meters will be installed on all connections. For which 744 km new water line is under construction. There are also plans to build three tube wells and two new overhead tanks. At present 3.10 LLD of water is available here, 2.71 MLD of water will be available when the project is completed. Currently only 50 liters of water is available per customer in this region.

However, after this project, 135 liters of water will be available according to urban standards. Customers will be billed according to the actual water consumption and for this all customers will get smart water meters. Consumers will be smartly billed. EO Binod Ramola of the Raipur division of the water agency said testing of the project would begin in March.

Work will start in Nathnapur in March

After Nathuwala, the water agency will start work on a Rs 55 crore plan in the Nathanpur area from April. The target for completion of this work is 18 months 16 hours: drinking water supply, smart meters, new tube wells, overhead tanks, new lines have also been proposed.

Five wards in Clementown will receive water 24 hours a day

People in the six wards of the Clemtown Cantonment Board will receive a 24-hour pageant in the coming months. After that the cantonment has automatic hand pump ready. The main drinking water line has been laid there. Soon they will be connected to the house. Till now the water connection of this region is provided by Pagayal. The camp is going to make this arrangement for the first time.


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