Final year students should not be worried there will be

Final year students should not be worried, there will be opportunities to appoint spokespersons

After the final year exams of MA and BEd, the demand to give to the students waiting for the results in the recruitment of spokespersons began to become vocal. On Friday, the Congress demanded action from CM Trivendra Singh Rawat on the issue. The Congress has said that the movement will be started if the government does not amend the recruitment process in the interest of the youth.

On Friday, the youths, led by Congress state secretary Bikash Negi, met Deepti Rawat, vice-chairman of the Higher Education Upgradation Committee, and sent a memorandum to the chief minister through them. Bikash said the government has done a good job of providing employment by starting recruitment, but there is also a big crisis facing the youth community in the state.

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Ayag has given time till November 2 to apply for the post. Only those who have passed postgraduate and B.Ed will be considered eligible. However, this year the test has been delayed due to corona and the results are not yet available. Bhim Singh Patwal, Mohit Rathore said that this would stop thousands of young people from joining the recruitment.

The government needs to take concrete steps in this direction so that all the youth have the opportunity to join the recruitment process. Either MA and BEd results have to be published in time. Or all final year students should have the opportunity to take part in this test. Bikash said that if the government does not take positive steps soon, the Congress will be forced to agitate with the youth. Dipti assured the youth to rise to a higher level.


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