EXCLUSIVE: Young man dies of corona infection in Uttarakhand

There is an idea about corona that the elderly are the victims of it. But not really. A significant number of young people in the state are also dying of corona infection. Even in the youth sector, men are dying more than women.

A total of 117 people have died since the corona infection in the state. Analysis of these death tolls shows that the elderly did not just die after coronary heart disease. On the contrary, the youth are also being victimized in large numbers. Of the 117 deaths so far in the state, 40 are under-50s, 28 are men and 12 are women.

Of those who died after coronary heart disease, 15 were men and seven were women. However, 77 people over the age of fifty were infected after the infection. The number of men is more. The first case of death from corona in the state was reported in May. As of June 30, the death toll was 41. But in July the death toll began to rise and reached more than a hundred.

But Health Secretary Amit Negi said most of the people who died after the corona infection were already suffering from some other disease. However, he acknowledged that the death toll had risen in the past few days and that special measures were being taken to protect the victims from the sick and contagious.

54 died in two weeks
If we look at the pace of death after coronary heart disease, about half of all deaths have occurred in the last two weeks. A total of 54 people have died since the infection in the last two weeks. 20 people died in the 20th week of the Corona period. A total of 34 people died in the twenty-first week. Most cases of young people dying after infection have been reported only after July 20th.

Be careful
If someone is sick at home, such people need special care. The infection is slowly spreading in the society, in which more sick and weak people can fall prey to corona. People with strong immunity are suffering from coronavirus. However, the danger is increasing for the sick and weak.


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