Elderly woman murdered due to illicit relationship, read how to express

The woman was killed after learning of the affair. The victim’s female boyfriend killed him. Police arrested both men in connection with the killings. The court remanded him in judicial custody. Two months ago, the body of a woman was recovered from a tubewell at a farm in Gadhrona village in Landaura region.

The woman’s name is Rihanna () 2) Wife Mehboob is a resident of village Tond Vanera. Police have filed a case against the woman’s son Gulbahar Tahir on charges of murder against an unidentified person. At a press conference in Kotwali, Mangalore, SP Desi Swapan Kishore Singh said that one woman in Rihanna’s relationship had a love affair with another. Rihanna was seen in an abusive position to both of them.

The accused woman then forced her boyfriend along with her boyfriend to plan to remove Rihanna from the path. The accused used to lick at Sultanpur Kunari village in Luxor area. He met a woman from Jasodarpur village in Luxor. Rihanna went to Luxor with her relatives. He saw both of them in an abusive situation.

Fearing obscenity, the accused woman asked her boyfriend to get Rihanna out of the way. He planned to kill Rihanna. When Rihanna left Luxor for Tanda Bhandar’s house, the accused also boarded the same minibus. He reached Landoura on the same bus. Where Rihanna began to wait for the ride.

The accused youth picked up a bike parked next to him and approached him and asked him to take him home. He agreed. The accused took him to Gadhrona forest. He was taken to a tubewell and assaulted and killed with a stick on his head. He escaped from there and informed his girlfriend on the phone. Police have arrested Sultanpur Kunari Luxar, a resident of Mau Uttar Pradesh Hall in Ghosi District Mau Uttar Pradesh Hall and a resident of Jasodarpur Kotwali Luxor, a resident of Shahnawaz, Ghosi District of Payarpur Police Station, a resident of village Zaheer, son of accused Ashraf.

ASP Himanshu Verma, Inspector Mahendra Singh Chauhan, SI Naresh Ganguar, Request Bis, Constable Sourav Nautial, Alias ​​Ali, Darshan Singh, Sohan Mehra, CIU-in-Charge Inspector Pradeep Chauhan, Head Constable Hasan, Rob Constable Hasan Abbas Zaidi, Suresh Ramola, Nitin join the team.


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