Elderly and sick people can get free vaccine against coronary heart disease, 20 percent of people will be vaccinated in the first stage

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State health workers as well as the elderly and the sick can get the corona vaccine for free. Efforts are underway at the government level to vaccinate this department. A final decision in this regard is expected from the central government level soon. It is learned that in the first phase, 20 per cent of the state’s population i.e. about 2.4 million people will have to be vaccinated. In the first phase of the campaign, all public and private hospital employees will be vaccinated.

In the second place, people over the age of 60 will come, in the third place, patients with serious diseases will come. So far only the data of health workers was sought by the central government from the state and in this section, about 94,000 people of the state have read. The introduction of vaccination campaign in the country will only get the vaccine for this category. Health Secretary Amit Negi hoped that the central government would provide free covid vaccine to the sick and elderly in the state.

Data will be available for the elderly and the sick

Details of elderly and sick people will be sent from the state to the central government after the health workers. It is estimated that 13 to 14 percent of the population of any country or state is over 60 years of age. About seven to eight percent of the population comes in sick. Attempts are being made to collect information under various projects. Many states have begun surveys to prepare data on the sick and elderly. However, the survey did not start in Uttarakhand.


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