Degree checks of fake teachers increase the difficulties of the

Degree checks of fake teachers increase the difficulties of the education department, increase the financial burden

It will be difficult to avoid teachers working on the basis of fake documents. The education department is going to test the credentials of more than 35,000 basic and junior teachers from class X to B.Ed. However, this investigation is also financially heavy for the education department. It only costs Rs 500 for a teacher to take a bachelor’s degree. The cost for testing BTC-DLED certificates varies from tenth to tenth.

The investigation is being conducted under the direction of the High Court. Earlier, it was planned to submit the teachers’ certificates to the High Court. However, seeing the strict position of the High Court, the education department is going to examine all the documents. RK Kunwar of the education system has instructed all DEOs. Under this, the state board will conduct high school, inter, BTC-DLED state diet and graduate from state university, B.Ed. After taking the certificate from the teachers, the DEO has to get the certificate from the board, DIET, the university.

Document check on government expenditure

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In the past, some officials sent teaching degrees to Garhwal University. The university said a student would have to pay a fee of Rs 500 for a check of documents. The education authorities sought guidance from the department in this regard. ADV Rawat said officers can spend from paying for honorary items 227 and 42 or even special services.

Hon’ble High Court has directed to test the certificates of teachers. Officers have been strictly instructed that in order to avoid any error at any stage, a certificate should be scrutinized thoroughly.
Arvind Pandey, Minister of Education


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