Corona in Uttarakhand is at risk of the disease, while warnings are available in Kumaon and Nainital.

Amidst the corona crisis in the state, a new threat of bird flu has started. Special warnings have been issued in the Himalayan states, including Uttarakhand, following the bird flu outbreak in Himachal Pradesh. It has millions of migratory birds in the U.S. cities of Kumasan and Nainital. In such a situation, the possibility of bird flu cannot be ruled out.

A bird flu alert has been issued following the corona crisis in Kumaon. However, no news of the incident has been received yet. However, the warning was issued following reports of bird and poultry deaths in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chandigarh, including the neighboring Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh. The arrival of migratory birds in the state is also considered a major cause for concern behind bird flu. Millions of migratory birds have come to the place of Baur, Haripura, Tumdia, Nanaksagar, Kosi Barrage etc. of Kumar. Because of this there are more concerns. The Forest Department has issued a warning and increased patrols in these reservoirs. Also, the movement of guest birds is being monitored.

Siberian bird hunting at Gularbhoj

On the one hand, birds have been warned about the possibility of bird flu. On the other hand, Siberian birds are being hunted in Haripura reservoir i.e. Gularbhoj. Earlier in the day, a team from the Forest Department seized the bike of 12 smugglers, including Siberian birds. However, the smuggling team was not involved. Siberian bird hunting has made it clear that migratory birds do not have strict surveillance. In such a situation their prey can become a major carrier in bird flu.

Birds came from North Asia, Russia and Kazakhstan

With the onset of winter, Siberian birds began arriving in ponds in the plains of northern Asia, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uttarakhand in eastern Siberia. Notable among these birds are the juicy, succulent, coots, kalisar, Siberian duck and lust.

The biggest danger is if the virus spreads to chickens

If the virus spreads in chickens, it will be the biggest risk because the chicken virus is most likely to spread to humans. In addition, millions of winter migratory birds have reached the Kumaon watershed. There is a possibility of bird flu outbreak due to their contact.

One thousand migratory birds have died in Himachal

More than a thousand migratory birds have been reported at the Pong Dam in Himachal Pradesh. This is a bell of concern for the hill states including Himachal. Bird flu is the leading cause of death for migratory birds, according to the investigation. Apart from that, many chickens have died at the poultry farm at Panchkula in Chandigarh since December 5. A case of death of more than two and a half hundred crows has also been reported in different districts of Rajasthan. Crow deaths have also been confirmed from bird flu in Halawar district.

Although there are symptoms like bird flu corona, the infection is gradual

  • Bird flu causes runny nose, runny nose, fever, runny nose, watery eyes, body aches and pneumonia.
  • It harms animals and birds more than humans. Its spreading speed is low
  • Its virus does not affect more people than corona and no organ is more affected.
  • Corona infections usually last two weeks, but the effects last up to about five days.

Forest Guard Western Circle Jibanchandra Joshi said bird flu has been reported in various states. Kumar has since issued warnings about migratory birds in various water bodies. Forest department teams have been instructed to monitor the movement of migratory birds. Local people are also being warned about this.

Dr Arun Joshi, MS and Dr Sushil Tiwari of Haldwani Hospital said no patient had come in two to three years at present. Kovid needs things. It is also necessary in all bird flu. Its symptoms are also cold. The bird flu drug Tamiflu also has adequate amounts, so no problem.


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