Coron 89 people died in Uttarakhand hospitals private and government

Coron: 89 people died in Uttarakhand hospitals, private and government hospitals were not updated

The state government and private hospitals are hiding the death toll from Corona patients. It was released on Saturday when details of the previous death were released. The state government recently reprimanded all the hospitals for not giving accurate details of deaths due to corona. A letter was also sent to all the hospitals on October 15 from Dr. Abhishek Tripathi, in-charge of Kovid Control Room. Following the government’s austerity, hospitals have now given details of previous deaths, which the government has revealed.

According to Saturday’s health bulletin, 89 patients died at various hospitals long ago. But this figure is now given. At the same time, the number of corona deaths across the state has suddenly reached 924. Jesse Pandey, an IEC official in the health department, said many hospitals did not provide timely information on patient deaths. Everyone was asked to provide timely information. Since then, 89 deaths have been reported from hospitals in the past.

How many hospital deaths
Hospital name number

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Kailash Hospital, Dehradun 27
Mahanta Indiresh, Dehradun 24
Ish Shikesh Ames 02
Dun Hospital, Dehradun 21
Himalayan Hospital, Jollygrant 05
Highest Hospital, Dehradun 02
Vinay Bishal, Roorkee 02
Maxwell, Haridwar 02
District Hospital, Rudrapur 03

The death toll has risen to 924
On Saturday, 606 new corona patients were found in the state and six died. This brings the total number of patients in the state to 57,648 and the death toll to 924. After recovering, 6565 people were released. At the same time, the number of recovery patients has risen to 50,820. Now the number of active patients is 5538.


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