Congress High Command’s confidence in Harish Rawat rises, could play important role in 2022 Assembly elections


The confidence of the party high command in Harish Rawat, the national general secretary of the Congress and former CM, has further increased. The confidence of the High Command in the decision to re-appoint Rawat as General Secretary and in charge of Punjab is clearly visible. The decision also sent a big political message to Delhi from Dun. Rawat has been promoted in national politics but the idea is that in the future Rawat may also gain importance as a big face in Uttarakhand. Especially in Uttarakhand, Harish Rawat’s role in the 2022 assembly elections is going to be very important.

Rawat’s growing size is clearly visible in the list of states in charge released by Congress general secretary KV Venugopalan on Friday evening. Rawat’s name is second in this list. Mukul Wasnik’s name is number one. This sequence itself indicates a lot. Rawat was appointed to Assam on 18 July 2018, 24 months ago. In these 26 months, Rawat made a strong presence in Assam. As a result of Rawat’s political activism in Delhi, Assam and Uttarakhand, the High Command gave him more responsibilities.

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Rawat’s campaign has also caused a stir in the political arena of Uttarakhand. Rawat Shibir believes this is a sign of high command for future politics. In fact, the BJP is currently running the government with a majority in the state. At one time, most of the big leaders who were considered as a Congress force left the party and joined the BJP. In such a situation, the Congress is missing a leader who can penetrate the entire state. Also, its acceptability should be higher than others. Only Harish Rawat meets the expectations of the High Command. In light of this, it is believed that a new equation may emerge in the 2022 Assembly elections centering on Rawat in Congress politics.


Rawat thanked the High Command

I am a junior soldier in Congress. The High Command has placed its trust in me and the responsibilities entrusted to me will be duly fulfilled. It is a great opportunity for me to serve in the great land of Punjab.
Harish Rawat, National General Secretary of the Congress

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Harish Rawat did not lose courage after losing the election

Rawat did not give up as he did not get the desired result in the first assembly and then in the Lok Sabha elections. Not only did he maintain his vitality, he came forward more aggressively in the political arena. The BJP government in the state is more uncomfortable with Rawat’s personal program than the Congress’ general program. After the blockade of Rawat, government machinery has also been seen on many issues including inflation, unemployment, wages, disasters, payment of dues to sugarcane farmers.

Rawat started talking to Pritam and Indira

The politics of the state Congress revolves around Harish Rawat and the Pritam-Indira camp. Both camps have faced off many times. Bitterness between the two groups and closeness between the two groups is visible for some time. Recently, the Presidential Vice-Presidents met with the Leader of the Opposition Hridoyesh, accepted Rawat and asked him to move forward. Pritam also came close to Rawat. So Rawat is also regularly joining Shidat in Pritam and Indira’s programs.

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