Bread in front of Uttarakhand Roadways workers not getting salary

Bread in front of Uttarakhand Roadways workers, not getting salary since June

During the festive season, roadways workers are getting pies. Employees have not been paid since June. It is also difficult to maintain family expenses and pay school fees to children. A house is running with a bank loan. Roadways’ daily income has reached Rs 65 lakh, but it is being spent only on buying diesel and spare parts.

Roadways owes the government Rs 20 crore. It is expected that the salary will be suspended till Diwali. Although the roadways have been running at a loss for many years, the Coronation has broken the back of the roadways. Earlier, his salary was delayed for one or two months, but now, even after four months, he has no salary. The roadway has 3,200 regular employees, 3,500 contract workers and special class employees.

Roadway revenue stopped as soon as the lockdown took place in March. Roadways asked the government for a budget for April and May salaries. However, this meaning was itself pending in the Roadways regulations. Now October is also half over, but the workers have not received their June salaries. The financial crisis is growing in front of the workers as they have not been paid for four months. Roadways officials here are talking about paying salaries as soon as they get the budget from the government.

Case 1

Rakesh Petwal, Regional Minister, Roadways Employees Joint Council, said that the technical staff employed at Mamaraj, Roorkee Depot
He was paralyzed two months ago. His financial situation was not good due to non-payment of salary. The staff then helped.

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The rain damaged the house of Neeraj Kumar, a special class of technical staff at Healy Depot. He had to face double trouble for not paying. Similarly, many employees are going through an economic crisis.


Ankur, who is the contracting conductor of the special department at JNNURM Depot, said that there was a lockdown so he did not get a single day of duty. The April salary was full, but in May the minimum salary was nine thousand 124 rupees. Society spent some money. The rest of the landlord had to pay the rent. Now even the house rent has not been paid for three months. He moved to his village UP a few months ago. It has become difficult to save money. Now the shoot festival is expected to get duty during the season, so I am returning to Dehradun.

If the employees do not pay, they will agitate

The Uttarakhand Roadways Employees Union has warned that if the six demands, including payment of salaries, are not met from October 22, there will be a phased agitation. State General Secretary Rabindanan Kumar said in a notice to the MD that there would be protests in all depots on October 22 and 23, demonstrations at the divisional offices on October 2 and a gradual hunger strike in three constituencies from October 2.

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How salaried workers will work. We are demanding salary from the management. Management also gave notice of the movement. If the salary is not paid, the movement will start from October 20. 20 crore for roadways governance. It should be delivered soon.
Dinesh Pant, State General Secretary Uttarakhand Roadways Employees Joint Council

The union is fighting to pay the workers. Management has withheld the salaries of those who have not fulfilled their contracts since April, which is not fair. If the salary is not paid soon, the union will start a movement. It is not possible to work without salary.
Rabindra Kumar, State General Secretary, Uttarakhand Roadways Employees Union

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The government and management have been ordered many times by the High Court on salaries and other matters, but no one has listened. Employees were also ordered to be paid equally and on time. The court made the order on the basis of the union’s application. The union will no longer tolerate a balance of workers.
Ashok Chowdhury, state general secretary of the Northern Roadways Employees Union

Roadways’ daily income has now reached Rs 65 lakh. For this reason, the cost of repairing diesel and buses is being borne. One crore 70 lakh rupees per day is required to bear all the expenses including salary. We have demanded Rs 20 crore from the government. If this money is accepted, employees can be paid their June salary.
Deepak Jain, General Manager, Uttarakhand Roadways

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